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Arnott’s have released new CHICKEN PARMA flavoured Shapes – but some are furious over the spelling

Arnott’s has released a new chicken parmigiana-flavoured Shapes biscuit in Australian stores – but some are less than impressed by the brand’s choice to spell the flavour chicken ‘parma’ instead of ‘parmi’. 

The new product is the latest addition to hit supermarket shelves and is packed with flavours of tomato, cheese and chicken.

Little information about the ‘Aussie legends’ flavour has been shared, but customers are already eager to try the new taste after an image was posted on Facebook.

How would you spell the flavour on the packet?

How would you spell the flavour on the packet?

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The new buy adds to the list of flavours including the original pizza, barbecue, chicken crimpy, cheddar and cheese and bacon, along with Vegemite, nacho cheese, meat pie and sausage sizzle.  

While thousands of customers were excited about the news, a heated debate sparked over the slang spelling of ‘parma’, as in some Australian states a chicken parmigiana is referred to as a ‘parmi’. 

‘Parmigiana, shortened word is parmi. If there was an “A” in the middle you’d have an argument,’ one person said on Facebook.

‘No issues with the spelling, Arnott’s got this right,’ another said. 

A third said: ‘Looked promising until they used an “A” instead of an “I”.’

‘And Arnott’s sales have just gone through the roof via free promotion from [people] arguing about spelling,’ another joked.  

But Arnott’s commented on the matter and said: ‘We’ve heard the nation is divided on “Parmi” vs. “Parma”, and who are we to take one side or the other? That’s why – if you grab a box and look closely – we’ve included both versions on either side of the box!’ 

‘The Parmi/Parma debate may rage on forever, but our new Shapes flavour is one great taste that Aussies can unite over.’ 

And Arnott’s aren’t the only brand releasing interesting new flavours, as Coles is now selling a limited edition range of chicken nugget-flavoured chips in stores across Australia. 

The supermarket launched the $3 chicken nugget chips earlier this month, with the savvy shopper behind Facebook page Addicted To Bargains noticing them during a recent shop.

After the picture was shared on social media, the new release was inundated with ‘likes’ from hundreds of shoppers hoping to get their hands on a packet.

‘I tried them yesterday and they taste a bit like Kettle’s Honey Soy chip,’ one man said.

‘This is heaven in a bag! I need to stock up on these for birthday and Christmas presents,’ a woman said. 

There were some questions raised about the flavour profile, and whether it would just ‘taste like regular chicken chips’, but those who have been able to purchase them already said that wasn’t the case.

‘No they are more distinct definitely, worth trying them for sure,’ said one customer.

One man suggested crushing up the chip packet and baking them on top of an actual chicken nugget, creating a ‘flavour explosion’.

Other eagle-eyed shoppers noticed that Coles had also brought out an apple pie-flavoured bag of chips at the same time, although it’s not known how long the special products will be on the shelf for.  

Coles Senior Product Developer Elizabeth Babic told FEMAIL the mash-up of the iconic snacks follows the successful launch of Coles Special Burger Sauce Chips and Coles Hot Cross Bun Popcorn which took Australia by storm earlier this year.

‘We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response to our recent mash-ups. So we’ve taken two more iconic flavours and mashed-them with our popular deli-style chips to create the ultimate snack at home and give our customers something unique and exciting that they cannot get anywhere else,’ she said.

‘It’s important for us to have some fun with some famous flavours and we’ve dreamt of these mouth-watering concepts in our Coles development kitchens for months now so we’re really excited our customers are already loving them as much as we do.’ 

The chicken nugget chips with be available at over 835 Coles stores including some Coles Express sites and apple pie chips will be available at 700 Coles supermarkets.

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