Armed men attack a crowded restaurant with children.


Armed men attack a crowded children’s restaurant.

Armed men smashed the windows of a restaurant full of children, forcing patrons to seek refuge in the restrooms.

Two yobs targeted Santinni restaurant in Shildon, County Durham, on Wednesday evening, terrifying diners.

The two assailants arrived in a Silver Focus and smashed the restaurant’s front windows with a bat and an axe, according to the manager.

The attackers caused extensive damage, with windows shattered and the building appearing to be on the verge of collapsing, as shown in shocking photographs.

According to Chronicle Live, a group of children attending an 11th birthday party were seated at a table near where the incident occurred.

Other customers were said to have locked themselves in the restrooms out of fear.

During the incident, Alex Bestwick, the restaurant manager, received a call from one of the employees.

“I was out shopping when one of the staff members called me during the incident,” she explained.

“Staff told me one man was smashing the window with a baseball bat and the other man was smashing it with an axe.”

“It must have only lasted 30 seconds because I dashed to the restaurant and was there in minutes, and the men had vanished.”

During the attack in the affluent town, brave staff members assisted families and children.

“We took the kids, their parents, and other customers into the toilet and then out the back of the building,” Alex explained.

“There was a group of kids sitting next to the window, and they were all terrified.”

On Thursday morning, the restaurant reopened, stating that it was open for business as usual.

“We opened at 9 a.m. this morning and have been sorting things out for the majority of the day,” Alex said.

We’ve also been calling customers since last night to see how they’re doing, and we’ve spoken with the cops.”

The owners thanked locals for their support in a Facebook post and stated that their top priority is the safety of their employees and customers.

“Obviously, we put a post up this morning stating that we are open for business as usual,” the post stated.

“I believe a few people misunderstood our message, as our primary concern was and continues to be the safety of all of our employees and customers last night and this morning.”

“We’ve had it.”

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