Argentina should think twice before initiating a conflict with the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands.


Argentina should think twice before initiating a conflict with the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands.

Argentina has been told that it should “think carefully” before “beginning a fight” with the United Kingdom over the Falklands, as the United Kingdom is now capable of “taking out” the country’s air force and navy in a matter of minutes.

And, considering China’s past record in the South China Sea, ex-British ambassador Adrian Hill threw a jab at President Xi Jinping for China’s recent claims regarding sovereignty of the remote archipelago. Last month, Beijing’s permanent representative, Geng Shuang, spoke at the UN’s special committee on decolonisation, urging Britain to “launch communication and negotiations” with Argentina, which may result in the islands being given over.

If I were Argentina, I’d think carefully about getting into a battle.

Hill, Adrian

Argentina has stepped up its sovereignty effort since President Alberto Fernandez was elected, and while the government claims to be committed to peaceful means of pursuing its claim, Mr Hill is skeptical, considering Argentina’s 1982 invasion of the islands.

“If I were Argentina, I would think twice before starting a fight – we didn’t have proper carriers in 1982, Ark Royal had been paid off,” the former Royal Engineers officer, who worked as a member of the Channel Tunnel team at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the COBRA Committee of the Cabinet Office, told This website.

“As radar pickets, Sandy Woodward had to place warships and frigates like sitting ducks.

“Today, we have two super-carriers equipped with stealth fighters, and we would destroy the Argentinian air force and fleet in their docks.

“One would hope that the Argentinians would remember the lives lost and not want to go through it again,” he continued.

“In the South Atlantic, I lost three friends, one of them was killed by a blue on blue error, but such things happen once the firing begins. I’d also assume that the mere reality of Brexit indicates that the old lion still has plenty of life in him.”

“Perhaps as the Taliban lock up the women and send the men to the mosque – no shaving any longer either, and the girls must be handed over to ‘commanders’ as wives – perhaps it’s not a bad moment to thank Xi for reminding the world that one country kept its,” Mr Hill said, referring to China’s increasingly expansionist foreign policy.


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