ARG Task Team to Address Uruzgan Insecurity Problem

The Presidential Palace (ARG) has appointed a team to visit Uruzgan and resolve the problem of insecurity in the province, especially in Khas Uruzgan district. 

Clashes started in the area about a week ago. 

The Presidential Palace has said the task team will travel to the province on Sunday to address the problems.

In the meantime, Etilaatroz Newspaper has published documents in which the Presidential Palace states the recent clashes in Uruzgan are fights between ethnic groups. 

The Presidential Palace stated in the documents that a task team that includes President Ashraf Ghani’s advisors and members of parliament and the senate will visit Uruzgan province to resolve the ethnic based fights.

Interior ministry meanwhile said Uruzgan clashes are tragic but said they have been brought under control.

“Police forces carried out operations in Malistan district (in Ghazni) and killed eight Taliban. The war in Khas Uruzgan district has been stopped,” interior ministry’s deputy spokesman Nusrat Rahimi said. 

A number of members of Afghanistan’s parliament and senate from Uruzgan province meanwhile said the clashes, especially in Khas Uruzgan district, are not between ethnic groups. 

“Taliban somehow have control over Khas Uruzgan and some other districts and for a few years they have been trying to create chaos in those areas,” Ali Alizada, an MP said. 

But not everyone agreed. 

“I am afraid that a problem may be on the rise there between the Hazara and Pashtuns,” Amanullah Azimi, a senator said. 

This comes after Second Vice President Sarwar Danish recently criticized security departments for not doing anything about the clashes in Khas Uruzgan district. 

Danish asked the people to stand up against the insurgents and defend their lives and areas. 

“In Kabul Mr. Ghani in an order has labeled Taliban’s attack on defenseless people as conflict and on the other hand Mr. Danish in recent days asked people to themselves defend their lives. This all shows that the Uruzgan and Taliban issues have been changed into a political game ahead of the presidential elections,” Asif Ashna, a political activist said. 

Uruzgan representatives in the senate and parliament said hundreds of families have been displaced due to the clashes in the province. 

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