Are you tired of fuel hoarders? VIRGINIA BLACKBURN advises, “Grab a weapon and enter the Rage Room.”


IT’S BEEN a funny old 18 months, has it not? Cut off from loved ones, forbidden from going to shops or restaurants, foreign travel requiring the kind of pre-planning more often associated with declaring war all in all, it’s enough to make even the most equable of us a little irate. Angry? You bet!

But help is at hand. In March this year a venue called Adventureland opened in sunny Sunderland and now it has unveiled the area’s first ever Rage Room, a place that allows you to have a smashing time. Literally. You take your implement of choice and smash things up.

Common in the United States (where, let’s face it, they have even more than us to get angry about), Rage Room is the brainchild of Newcastle-born Terry Vasey, who now owns the place.

Terry, 36, got the idea from bouncy ­castles for children, but wanted to create ­somewhere for adults to play as well, and took over a former soft play area. It is ­proving a massive success.

So what on earth do his customers have to get so cross about?

“Where to start?” asks Terry. “The fuel shortages, Covid ‑ it’s had a massive impact on life.”

Reading about Angela Rayner’s crass and­ ­ill-judged diatribe against the Cabinet on the way up there last week has certainly made my normally peaceable blood boil and so I’m in the mood to take on everything the Rage Room has to offer ‑ smashing up a selection of glass, old televisions, furniture, microwaves, vodka bottles… you name it, I’ll pummel it to pieces.

There’s an impressive selection of implements hanging on the walls, including crowbars, hammers and a sledgehammer, but I opt for a baseball bat as the ideal medium to give vent to my feelings. I stand there clutching my weapon of choice, wondering just how to begin.

“People who call the Tories scum!” yells the photographer. (He has worked with me before.) A vase shatters into pieces.

“Class war! Extinction Rebellion!” There goes a microwave.

“Everyone who says the next James Bond should be a woman!” When the red mist finally clears I see the remnants of a television lying all around me.

It’s certainly therapeutic, accessing my inner rock star and trashing a hotel room, or in this case, a rage room. And if it’s good enough. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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