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‘Are we deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly dea Insulate Britain takes on caller 5Live in a yelling confrontation.

A FRUSTRATED Radio 5 caller battled with Insulate Britain fans and representatives after being patronizingly informed he couldn’t “emotionally” connect with their cause.

Insulate Britain’s demonstration was addressed by caller Dave, who told BBC Radio 5 Live that many people in the UK were aware of climate change issues but should not be targeted by the group’s protest. Things swiftly deteriorated after Paul in Oxford and Insulate Britain representative Tracey Mallaghan piled on Dave while downplaying the severity of the M25 gridlock. Dave retorted that people’s lives were at risk, to which Paul said that the planet was more important in the larger scheme of things, as he looked to covertly brand Dave “uneducated” for not sympathizing with the group’s cause.

Caller Dave told the show that many people across the country were aware of climate change issues, but that Insulate Britain was inconveniencing the public.

With BBC host Nicky Campbell encouraging a more sympathetic caller to defend the group, he claimed he couldn’t understand why individuals would attach themselves to the road.

“I don’t think people know what the concerns are,” Paul said on the show. “I think this is [where]governments have an agenda and they stick to it, and certainly in terms of installation, we were talking about it a few of years ago.”

“The scam quickly ran out of money.”

Paul stated that he was caught up in the M25 traffic jams and was delayed for an hour on his way back from his girlfriend’s house, but that it was hardly “the end of the world.”

A enraged Dave, on the other hand, barged in and challenged Paul to respond to an emergency situation in which time was of the essence.

Paul stated that individuals frequently become stuck in traffic as a result of accidents, and that this situation was no exception, as Dave pointed out.

“What is more essential, a single life or the lives of the planet?” Paul continued. “Does the inconvenience of the individual outweigh the lives of all?” Dave was then told that a “we” does not exist, implying that there is no united viewpoint on specific issues, prompting him to wonder whether “we’re all thick then?”

Paul took a breath and said, “There.” “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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