Are extraterrestrials real? A key piece of evidence for alien life has been disclosed.


Are extraterrestrials real? A key piece of evidence for alien life has been disclosed.

DO Aliens Exist? This is a topic on which scientists and the general people frequently disagree.

While many people are passionate about the issue, Nasa and other scientific institutions are often tight-lipped about it as they continue to look for solid evidence.

In the field of science, the current consensus appears to be that no one knows for sure.

There is no concrete evidence of life beyond Earth to far, but when it comes to unexplained happenings, alien involvement is frequently blamed.

Nasa is an adept in space exploration, but when it comes to alien life, it has a reputation for being tight-lipped.

Scientists look for rocky planets that are similar to Earth outside of our Solar System in the hopes of finding a livable or life-bearing planet.

They search for planets with resources that could support life, such as water, oxygen, or hydrogen.

“Since life originated on the Earth in a span much shorter than the current age of the Earth, we have additional evidence that the origin of life has a high probability, at least on planets with an abundance of hydrogen-rich gases, liquid water, and sources of energy,” according to a Scientific American article.

“Because those circumstances are widespread throughout the universe, life may be widespread as well.”

Experiments are also being conducted on Mars to hunt for evidence of life or old life that has died out.

The Pentagon issued their UFO report earlier this year, which was expected to reveal the “truth about aliens” and US military sightings.

The report, which was published on the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s website, looked at 144 accounts of “unidentified aerial phenomena” encounters.

By the end of the study, investigators could only explain one of those contacts. “Airborne clutter” was blamed in that situation. Hundreds of movies have been claimed to be proof of extraterrestrial life, ranging from a 1995 “alien autopsy” video to a video of fighter planes supposedly chasing a UFO over the M5.

There’s even a video of what appears to be a UFO assaulting a Taliban compound, as well as “sightings” near Peckham and Warminster.

Experts have disproved the majority of the videos. The motorway lorries, for example, appear to be models in the M5 footage.

Former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator Nick Pope told the Sun Online that the Peckham UFOs were “probably likely Chinese lanterns.”

Evidence that the videos are phony would not deter “true believers,” he claimed.

Dave Huggins, an artist, claims he lost his virginity to Crescent, a busty alien who has fathered 60 ‘hybrid’ children.

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