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Archie IS ginger fuelling claims James Hewitt is Prince Harry’s dad, says hair expert

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry’s baby son Archie Harrison is ginger, a hair expert has told Daily Star Online.

The two-month-old tot’s hair was finally unveiled to the world last weekend at his christening.

Royal fans had been left previously frustrated when Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor’s head was covered in a beanie in his first snaps.


They were then left even more frustrated when new photos of him released on Father’s Day were in black and white.

But last weekend, on the day of his baptism, his hair was on full show and left fans almost convinced he is sporting ginger locks.

“Archie is showing early signs of being ginger”

Spencer Stevenson

And now an expert in hair has backed the theory and conceded that it means long-running claims James Hewitt is Prince Harry’s dad will return.

Spencer Stevenson, founder of hair loss advisers Spex Hair, told Daily Star Online: “Looking at the picture it definitely looks like Archie is showing early signs of being ginger.

“In the next six months (though) we will 100% be able to confirm as the ginger gene is so strong there will be no way to hide it!”

He added: “It’s very likely the new baby will carry the very strong and distinctive ginger gene despite the fact Meghan has dark hair.

“The ginger gene lingers in many family gene pools and can raise its bright head now and again due to the combination of genes interacting.”

Admitting he reckons Archie being ginger will reignite Hewitt claims, he also said: “Harry is well known for his ginger hair and I think it’s highly likely Archie will be a ginger too and he’ll fall under some comments too as has his father over the years and Harry’s father has too.”

Harry has been dogged by the nonsense theory that Hewitt – who Princess Diana famously had an affair with during her marriage to Prince Charles – is his dad all his life.

Fans repeatedly fuel the wild claim by stating Harry has ginger hair like Hewitt.

Yet Daily Star Online previously revealed how the Prince actually gets his ginger locks from a member of Diana’s family.

Spencer, who told us today that he reckons Archie is ginger, previously revealed how Harry will be “completely bald” on the top of his head within two years.

The hair restoration expert delivered the shock prediction after revealing Harry’s hair loss has sped up since marrying Meghan.

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