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Apple Watch Tip: How To Customize iMessage Smart Replies

Automated replies in Apple Watch are available but may sometimes feel bland and insincere if used in a long time. However, it’s possible to make your owniMessage smart replies and could be set with the other built-in smart replies. Here’s how to create customized smart replies in the Apple Watch.

Setting Custom Smart Replies

To get started, open up the Watch app in the iPhone that’s currently paired with the Apple Watch. Once inside, scroll down and tap the Messages, and then select the Default Replies. This menu will open up the space where users can make, delete, and edit the Apple Watch smart replies. If the preferred response is not available, simply use the Add button or press Edit on the existing replies to replace them.

As for the content, the user is free to compose the reply any way they want within the app’s limits.

Reordering Replies

Once done with the adding and editing, organizing the replies is also possible. To rearrange the replies, press and hold on the three-bar button near the chosen reply. This action would allow drag and dropping the replies. Rearrange and organize the replies according to what’s needed and preferred. Press the Done button to save the rearranged list.

Opting out of Smart Replies

It’s also possible to prevent the Apple Watch smart replies from appearing in the Messages app. It can also be found in the options where you can add, delete, and edit the smart replies.

Using the New Replies

After adding the new replies, it can now be used through the Messages app on your Apple Watch. It can now be suggested by the app itself and could be used to reply fast in situations in need of one but too risky to compose one such as while walking on the streets or driving a car.

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