Anti-vaxxers disguise themselves as vegans to avoid having to take the Covid vaccine.


Anti-vaxxers disguise themselves as vegans to avoid having to take the Covid vaccine.

It has been revealed that anti-vaxxers have begun to publicly proclaim themselves as vegans in order to evade the imminent prospect of mandatory Covid vaccinations.

Laurence Fox, an actor-turned-activist, is one of many people who have announced that they are no longer eating any animal products after it was reported that companies could not force vegans to get the vaccine. Because the medications were tested on animals during the development period, this is the case.

While many countries, notably the United Kingdom, mandate this for all pharmaceutical products, some ultra-ethical vegans refuse to handle anything that could damage a living creature.

After various conspiracy theories disclosed the loophole on social media, the former Lewis actor, who has been a prominent critic of dietary restrictions, declared himself a vegan.

“I shall only consume plant-based food and medium-rare sirloin steaks,” he joked on Twitter.

“As well as chicken, pork scraps, and salami.”

Proposed plans to require people to get immunizations in order to keep their employment have sparked considerable outrage.

Charlie Mullins, the manager of Pimlico Plumbers, provoked outrage when he announced a “no jab, no job” policy for his employees starting next year.

“Any current Pimlico personnel who have not had the jab by January 1 will be given the boot to protect our colleagues and customers, as well as for the good of the country,” he added in announcing the plan.

“Firing those who refuse to take the jab may appear harsh, and it is, but it is justified.

“Vaccines provide us the ability to open up every aspect of society, so let’s get started.”

“It’s as easy as that, the entire population needs to get vaccinated.”

If it were to be challenged legally, some observers believe it would be found discriminatory.

Only a few companies require employees to be double-vaccinated before returning to work at the moment.

However, more businesses are anticipated to follow suit.

From September, customers will be required to show that they have been double-jabbed in order to enter specific establishments, including nightclubs.

Civil liberties activists contend that these acts violate people’s civil rights.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and much of the scientific community have retaliated, claiming that vaccines are the only way to stop the virus from spreading.

Curbing this is critical for protecting society’s most vulnerable members and decreasing the risk of Covid evolving into strains that are.


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