Anti-vaccination warning issued as hospital ICU beds fill with 60% unvaccinated Britons — call to get vaccinated


Anti-vaccination warning issued as hospital ICU beds fill with 60% unvaccinated Britons — call to get vaccinated

After it was discovered that 60 percent of patients in the ICU on a Covid ward in one hospital in the north of England had not gotten a vaccine, a huge vaccine warning was issued.

The United Kingdom’s coronavirus vaccination program has received significant appreciation both at home and abroad, as the government continues to increase the number of vaccine doses given to millions of individuals of all ages. Boris Johnson’s decision to eliminate all restrictions and reopen the country on Monday (July 19) was based on this, with the Prime Minister also encouraging the public to exercise caution.

The Delta strain, which is more transmissible than other strains, has aroused fears that the UK is loosening controls too soon, prompting criticism from numerous top experts.

Despite the success of the UK’s vaccine campaign, new cases are on the rise, with daily counts topping 30,000 in the previous week.

When she was invited to visit the Covid ward at Royal Preston Hospital with a colleague, ITV News Health Producer Alex Cherrie gave an alarming warning about the high number of unvaccinated patients filling ICU beds.

She showed that slightly under a third of those surveyed (30%) had only had one vaccine dosage, and less than one in ten had received two, but were still considered vulnerable.

On the acute Covid ward, the ITV News Health Producer encountered a 28-year-old man who had delayed getting a vaccine because he “couldn’t believe the virus would affect him in the way it did and was visibly scared.”

“Today @emilymorganitv and I were invited to spend the morning on a COVID ward at the Royal Preston Hospital,” Ms Cherrie said on Twitter earlier on Wednesday.

“Staff and patients could not stress enough how important it is to accept the vaccine offer, and it was clear why.

“Around 60% of the hospital’s ICU patients were not immunized.

“A little more than 30% had received one vaccine, and less than 10% had had two doses, but they were still considered vulnerable.

“We met a 28-year-old man named Darren on the acute COVID unit who had put off taking the vaccine,” she continued.

“He was visibly concerned because he couldn’t believe the virus would effect him in the way it did.

“After that, the professionals stressed that Darren wasn’t an unusual patient.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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