‘Anti-trans dog whistle’: the author of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is the latest transphobe to be dubbed after a tweet about the loss of the word ‘woman.’


Although Artwood’s tweet that landed her in hot water on Tuesday only included a link to an oped critical of gender-neutral language, the mere fact of her sharing the article was enough to rile up detractors and put her on the defensive against the left-wing Twitter mob.

“Why can’t we say ‘woman’ anymore?,” Atwood tweeted, sharing an oped by columnist Rosie DiManno published in the Toronto Star.

Why can’t we say ‘woman’ anymore? https://t.co/ghcQDJgxWE via @torontostar

In the piece, DiManno argues that the insistence by some on the absolute adoption of gender-neutral language is destroying the idea of womanhood and making it more difficult to discuss issues related to women-specific issues like pregnancy.

“Well-meaning people,” she wrote, are left “tongue-tied, lest they be attacked as transphobic or otherwise insensitive to the increasingly complex constructs of gender.”

Atwood, who is most famously the author of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, was labeled a TERF (trans-exlusionary radical feminist), a label critics have given to ‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling and comedian Dave Chappelle in recent years for their criticism of sects of the transgender movement.

“The idea that people are ‘not allowed to say woman’ is an anti-trans dog whistle,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Profoundly disappointing,” another added.

Welp, that’s an unfollow.

it should be illegal for writers i like to have twitter accounts

Hey has anyone ever written anything about an alliance of convenience between left-liberal second-wave feminists and conservative evangelicals, perhaps extrapolating the consequences thereofhttps://t.co/9g1n29IpB0

Some critics expressed shock over Atwood’s stance, considering she is typically celebrated among liberals, with her ‘Tale’ book and its Hulu series often being cited by feminists and referenced at womens’ rights protests.

This is confusing, one would have thought Atwood would have understood the nuance here, but instead it’s another straw(wo)man argument against the trans community, because no trans folks, famous for saying “trans women are women”, are arguing we shouldn’t say woman. https://t.co/AWZyYwVCs2

Atwood has received support from more conservative pundits, pushing back against critics targeting the author.

Margaret Atwood is trending because she shared an article which argued we should still be able to say “woman”.It really doesn’t take much, does it?

Others simply enjoyed seeing that even Atwood has to face the wrath of the woke audience that typically praises her.

“The wokes are here for Margaret Atwood. Prepare the popcorn,” conservative author and pundit Ben Shapiro tweeted.

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