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Anti-masker Inessa Zorkina fined after refusing to wear a mask in Melbourne woolworths

An anti-masker has filmed herself lashing out at police after she was arrested for refusing to wear a face covering in a Woolworths store. 

Inessa Zorkina, a member of the coronavirus denier group 99% Unite, had police called on her after she refused to wear a mask in the Melbourne supermarket on Wednesday night. 

Ms Zorkina shared several videos to the group’s Facebook page of her confrontation with police officers.

Despite face masks being mandatory in Melbourne, the single mother claimed it was her right not to wear one and was later hit with a $200 fine.

‘I am a free person and because I can do it and law doesn’t say I must wear a mask … I have freedom,’ she is heard saying in the video. 

Ms Zorkina was initially placed under arrest by officers after she refused to give up her ID.

She eventually proved her identification and was given an infringement instead. 

‘Shame on you,’ she shouted as the officers wrote up her fine. 

Ms Zorkina is just one of many Melburnians refusing to adhere to COVID-19 rules.

The Facebook page 99% Unite is full of posts from residents claiming the deadly virus that has killed more than 600,000 people worldwide is a hoax.

Some virus deniers are now profiting off the pandemic and are even selling crystals they claim protect against 5G towers.

Raphael Fernandez, a co-leader of the group is selling Shungite black crystals in the shapes of pyramids, spheres and bracelets.

Conspiracy theorists believe the Shungite can ward off electromagnetic fields which they claim are emitted by towers and can bring on COVID-19 symptoms.

Mr Fernandez is selling some of the crystals for as much as $119 and announced he had sold out within days.

He also said ten per cent of the proceeds would go towards the 99% Unite team to support the group including helping coronavirus deniers pay off any fines.

‘This amazingly powerful rock is a tool for 5G/ Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth/ EMF protection, physical healing and work performance,’ he said on Facebook.

Many 99% Unite Facebook pages were deleted but several still remain with thousands of followers.  

It comes as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews warned that conspiracy theorists who film themselves ignoring police could be summoned to court and face fines and legal fees of up to $10,000.

Mr Andrews shot down the common argument that Melbourne’s lockdown infringes on human rights during a press conference on Thursday. 

‘Seriously, like, this is not about human rights, this is about human life. This is not about some obscure nonsense you’ve read on a website. There are rules. There are laws in place. And everyone should follow them,’ he said. 

Mr Andrew’s takedown of conspiracy theorists comes after coronavirus deniers have made life hell for police and shop workers trying to enforce mask wearing. 

Self-proclaimed high priestess and exorcist Lizzy Rose controversially filmed herself clashing with Bunnings staff over the mandatory face masks.

Daily Mail Australia does not suggest Ms Zorkina or Ms Rose are profiting from the pandemic. 

All residents in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire are required to cover their faces when they leave their homes during the current stay-at-home orders.

It was also announced on Thursday that from midnight on Saturday masks will now be mandatory for all residents in Victoria. 

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