‘Another move?’ says the narrator. In New York, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hope to ‘develop their brand.’


‘Another move?’ says the narrator. In New York, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hope to ‘develop their brand.’

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly considering “pitching out” in New York in order to do more engagements there.

According to a royal pundit, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are considering relocating to New York in order to boost their image as “micro-celebrities.” After a three-day tour of the city, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have returned to their home in California, where they met with a number of high-ranking authorities to discuss vaccine parity, mental health, and racial equality.

“It doesn’t really come as any surprise that the rumor coming back to me from a very good source is that Harry and Meghan are now being pitched out in New York,” royal expert Neil Sean said.

“This could mean yet another move, but why?” says the narrator.

Now, the actual reason Harry and Meghan have fallen in love with New York is that they are no longer royals, but micro-celebrities, and they need to think about how to promote their brand and make money.

“Not all of the major influencers are based in California.

As they’ve seen over the previous 18 months, what was once Hollywood’s golden age appears to have faded, and streaming appears to be the way forward.”

According to recent reports, the pair is considering renting a “little home” in the city to use as a base for conducting engagements in the city.

On the evening of September 22, Prince Harry and Meghan arrived in New York for a three-day post-royal tour of the city.

Their first engagement was a meeting with Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York at the One World Trade Center, where they took part in a photocall and visited the 9/11 museum. The pair also laid a white rose wreath at Ground Zero to honor the victims of the terrorist attack in 2001.

Following that, they met with US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield and took part in a roundtable discussion with the World Health Organization.

The UN ambassador said after their meeting that they had had a “essential discussion regarding Covid-19, racial justice, and boosting mental health awareness.”

The couple spent their second day visiting a Harlem elementary school, where Meghan read “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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