Another film project for Prince Edward was canceled “after a heated discussion with Prince Charles.”


Another film project for Prince Edward was canceled “after a heated discussion with Prince Charles.”

According to discovered accounts, Prince Edward had another film project abruptly canceled after a furious confrontation with his brother, Prince Charles.

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s choice to leave the royal family and Prince Andrew’s retirement due to his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, Edward and his 22-year-old wife Sophie Wessex have become a more prominent figure in the Royal Family.

The Queen’s youngest child was one of the first royals to speak to the press after Prince Phillip’s death, and he has also represented the Queen at Ascot this year.

Furthermore, Edward addressed the mounting tensions around Harry and Meghan’s departure from the United Kingdom, telling CNN: “It’s painful for everyone, but that’s what families do.”

“We wish them the best of success with their decision — it’s a difficult one.”

Prince Edward, on the other hand, has been at the center of a number of royal PR gaffes, the most embarrassing of which occurred in when the presence of a film crew belonging to the Earl of Wessex reportedly caused a university scuffle and resulted in the royal receiving a scolding from brother Charles.

In 2001, Prince William enrolled at the University of St Andrews, making him the first royal in 150 years to not attend Oxford or Cambridge.

Indeed, there was an understanding between the media and the Windsors at the time to give William the privacy he needed to finish his studies, with film crews being prohibited by the university.

However, barely two days after the 19-year-old arrived at St Andrews University in Scotland to begin a four-year degree in art history, journalists from Prince Edward’s production business were spotted attempting to film the young prince leaving a lecture.

There was even a brawl when the crew refused to leave, according to university rector Andrew Neil.

Prince Edward had a sharp talking to from Prince Charles, according to royal analyst and former Sun royal writer Duncan Larcombe.

“There was a dreadful time when the media wouldn’t even step foot in St Andrews, and wouldn’t even go if we had a relative graduating,” Mr Larcombe added.

“And then it became apparent that there was a film team following William around.

“And who better than Prince Edward to be at the helm of the operation?

“Let’s just say after a.” Brinkwire Summary News”


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