Ann Widdecombe slams the Labour Party for its austerity policies, claiming that its own people are to blame.


Ann Widdecombe slams the Labour Party for its austerity policies, claiming that its own people are to blame.

ANN WIDDECOMBE has slammed Labour Party councils for their role in producing austerity in the UK during a raging tirade.

The Labour Party’s councils, according to Ann Widdecombe of Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine program, are extremely frugal. Labour voters are increasingly blaming their own party for austerity, according to the former Conservative Party MP.

“Voters blame Labour for austerity,” Mr Vine remarked.

“Yes, and it is Labour voters that blame Labour for austerity,” Mr Widdecombe responded.

“They are also correct.

“We all know that Labour municipalities are notoriously frugal, and it appears that the public has now caught up.

“And they’re blaming them for the cuts.”

Boris Johnson slammed Labour MP Andy Slaughter during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday after he demanded that the UK government have more people double-injected with the coronavirus vaccine.

Boris attacked the Labour MP, claiming that if his party had its way, the UK would have stayed a member of the European Union and hence would not have been able to achieve the massive vaccine deployment that is now in place.

Mr Slaughter’s slip of the tongue, in which the Labour MP referred to January 19 instead of July 19 during his diatribe, was mocked by the Prime Minister.

“We all know the necessity of double immunization against the Delta or Johnson virus,” Mr Slaughter remarked.

“Despite the efforts of our local NHS, municipalities, and volunteers, only 36% of adults in Hammersmith and Fulham have been twice jabbed.

“Will the Prime Minister reconsider removing all obstacles to infection on January 19 [July 19], would he maintain the mask-wearing regulation, and, like the Mayor of London, will he continue to combat the virus until it is defeated?”

“If we had followed his teachings, I recall he campaigned vehemently to stay in the European Union,” Mr Johnson responded.

“We would not have immunized the highest proportion of the European population or achieved the highest vaccine rollout of any European country.

“This is the truth.

“In response to his roadmap’s criticism, I respectfully point out that the month is July, not January.”


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