Angus Robertson of the Scottish National Party says the union is “unfit for purpose” as Westminster “weaponizes” Brexit.


Angus Robertson of the Scottish National Party says the union is “unfit for purpose” as Westminster “weaponizes” Brexit.

Angus Robertson, a member of the Scottish National Party, attacked the Union, calling it “unfit for purpose,” and accusing Westminster and the UK government of weaponizing Brexit to take away devolved powers in the UK.

Former SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson, who was elected to the Scottish Parliament in May, called the UK “unfit for purpose,” claiming that Westminster has been able to constrain and steal power from devolved nations under the cover of Brexit. Despite Scotland’s vote to remain in the European Union, he claims the Internal Market Bill has given the UK veto power over devolved powers making decisions on topics like food standards. He indicated that if Scotland does not become independent, privileges such as free university tuition and other healthcare benefits could be threatened by the Westminster Government.

Mr Robertson spoke before the Constitution Committee about the current state of the union and the future of Scottish governance.

“In a word, I would probably conclude that the current state of the union is inadequate for purpose,” he told the committee.

“And the UK government is attempting to undermine devolution, which Scots voted for, by exploiting Brexit, which Scots voted against.

“I believe it is critical to understand the context in all of this.


“After years of Westminster governments rejecting people’s preferences in Scotland, Scots decisively voted to establish the Scottish Parliament.

“as well as enforcing policies that the majority of people would consider undesirable and harmful.

“As a result, devolution has significantly improved people’s lives in Scotland, as well as delivering governments that they choose.

“There have been significant improvements in many policy sectors, such as health and education.

“As a result of our own Parliament, we’ve seen the introduction of free personal care, the abolition of university tuition fees, and the elimination of prescription fees in Scotland.

“Now, both the democratic and policy aspects of all of these things are under jeopardy.

“Because the UK government’s mantra of regaining control, which we’ve heard in recent years, isn’t only about the European Union; it’s also about Scotland.

“It’s also a viewpoint shared by colleagues in Wales, so Brexit is being used as a pretext to rewrite, to undermine the devolution settlement.”

The Internal, according to Mr. Robertson. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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