ANGER over Brexit fishing: Boris accused of betrayal because the ‘industry would be gone’ as a result of the EU.


ANGER over Brexit fishing: Boris accused of betrayal because the ‘industry would be gone’ as a result of the EU.

Boris Johnson has been chastised by a former Brexit Party MEP for “betraying” the UK fishing sector.

Former MEP June Mummery claims that not only has the Prime Minister deceived the sector, but that the December Brexit deal will put the industry out of business in the UK. Ms Mummery told This website that the sector had been given a “kick in the teeth.” Despite the fact that the UK and EU reached an agreement on fisheries, the former East of England MEP stated that ships are “plundering” the seas around the country.

“We’ve experienced a major betrayal,” she remarked.

“When people talk about a slap in the face, this is the worst slap in the face the industry has ever seen.

“It’s like telling automobile companies they can’t get their nuts and bolts for another five and a half years.”

Ms Mummery said that EU boats are overfishing Britain’s waters, leaving nothing for local fishermen to take, despite the fact that the UK will receive a 25% quota back after the initial year.

“They are exploiting our oceans,” she warned.

“They’re overfishing us because they’re taking too much.”

“I see a Grand Banks crisis if we’re not careful. There isn’t going to be an Ocean.

“It’s gone; nothing remains on the east coast; we’re done.”

When the Canadian government discovered foreign fleets were overfishing stocks near the Canadian shore, it was known as the Grand Banks episode.

Throughout the Brexit negotiations, one of the primary issues was the state of the UK’s fisheries.

Fishermen had wanted complete control of the UK’s exclusive economic zone, which stretches over 200 miles.

EU ships, on the other hand, are permitted to fish up to 12 miles off the coast of the United Kingdom.

UK fishermen had also wanted a 75 percent quota return, but the government stepped down in order to reach an agreement on the Trade and Cooperation Agreement before the year’s end.

Other components of the agreement were also effectively roped in by the EU to maintain the fishery standards.

Indeed, if the UK violates the deal’s equal playing field provision, the fisheries accord might be suspended.

Fishing organizations chastised the government earlier this month for abandoning it as part of the Brexit arrangement.

Since the turn of the year, supportive Tory MPs, according to the National Federation of Fisherman’s Organizations (NFFO), have gone silent.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” by Barrie Deas.


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