Anger erupts in India as a 9-year-old girl is ‘gang raped’ and cremated in a Dalit village.


Anger erupts in India as a 9-year-old girl is ‘gang raped’ and cremated in a Dalit village.

IN INDIA, AN ALLEGED “gang rape,” killing, and forcible cremation of a nine-year-old girl has provoked widespread outrage and massive protests.

The girl was the daughter of a ragpicker couple from India’s Dalit group, which is one of the country’s most disadvantaged. Her father requested her to obtain water from a local crematorium’s refrigerator over the weekend.

Her mother went to the crematorium after she did not return for an hour and discovered her daughter’s body resting on a bench.

Her tongue was blue, and she had injuries on various regions of her body, according to accounts.

The crematorium priest, along with three others, is claimed to have approached the mother and informed her that her child had been electrocuted while getting water, and that she should be cremated.

“Go home and sleep,” the priest is supposed to have instructed her. Don’t make a big deal out of it.”

He is also said to have offered to perform the girl’s last rights.

The mother, however, told NDTV, “When I went there, he informed me that my daughter was dead.”

“I inquired as to how she died. I told them to call the police by dialing “100.” He flatly refused.”

“He pressed me to cremate the body right away and discouraged me from calling the cops,” she continued.

“If you call the cops, he says, there will be a long legal case, and my daughter will be brought to the hospital, where the cops and doctors will remove her organs and sell them,” he says.

The family objected to the priest performing the cremation and, with the help of many other locals, put out the fire.

According to Newslaundry, all that was left of the girl were her feet, a part of her scalp, and a portion of her hip.

After the family complained, the priest and the other men were imprisoned.

The four defendants are now facing allegations of child sex abuse and offenses against reserved castes and tribes.

Medical examiners “could not infer anything based on the residual bits of the body” because the girl’s body was largely incinerated, according to Ingit Pratap Singh, a senior Delhi police official.

To investigate claims of sexual assault, police will now test other evidence such as bodily fluids from the girl’s clothes.

The mother also said that authorities forced her and her husband to wait in separate rooms at a.


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