Angela Rayner, as leader, “won’t be taken seriously” by voters: “Not a mature politician.”


Angela Rayner, as leader, “won’t be taken seriously” by voters: “Not a mature politician.”

ANGELA RAYNER would not be a “convincing” Labour leader, according to politics expert Geoffrey Evans, because she “won’t be taken seriously” by key segments of the electorate.

In the absence of Sir Keir Starmer, who had tested positive for Covid, Boris Johnson and Ms Rayner clashed at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

Ms Rayner reiterated Labour’s call to suspend the 5% VAT rate on energy bills, arguing that it would help low-income families cope with rising living costs.

Working families were “picking up the tab” for Mr Johnson’s “incompetent leadership,” she said, demanding “serious solutions” from the Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson, on the other hand, denied this, claiming that the government was implementing a number of schemes to address the problem.

He then accused Ms Rayner, a staunch Remain supporter, of having “bare faced cheek” in calling for lower VAT rates on energy bills, claiming that such a move would have been impossible inside the EU.

Ms Rayner, who has been deputy leader of the Opposition for nearly two years, is one of the most well-known members of the Labour Party.

Mr Evans, a University of Oxford Sociology of Politics professor, claimed that Ms Rayner would not be an effective Labour leader because she “won’t be taken seriously” by wavering Tory voters.

“There isn’t anyone in the Labour party right now who could convincingly replace Starmer,” the political scientist told this website.

“Rayner is entertaining and sincere, but she will not be taken seriously as a mature politician who can sway a large number of undecided voters.”

“You also have to keep in mind that, despite the fact that the Conservatives have fallen behind Labour in the polls, a large number of people say they ‘don’t know.'”

“Most of those who say they don’t know are Tory voters; it’s not like they’ve switched parties.”

“They haven’t swung to anyone else, and we know that when it comes to more serious matters like elections and things, they’ll most likely return to the party.”

Sir Keir may have won back’red wall’ voters, according to a new poll published in the Mail on Sunday last week.

According to the Deltapoll poll, 57 of the 57 constituencies gained.

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