Angela Merkel’s legacy is in shambles as the German Chancellor appears to have lost touch with her people.


Angela Merkel’s legacy is in shambles as the German Chancellor appears to have lost touch with her people.

ANGELA Merkel’s political foe, Friedrich Merz, has launched a scathing shot at the German Chancellor, alleging she has “lost touch” with the German people as she prepares for her final days in office.

In the 2005 election for the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) leader, Mr Merz was defeated by Mrs Merkel, who went on to become Chancellor of Germany. By contrast, he left politics four years later to work as a corporate lawyer, only to return to the fray last year when he ran for the CDU leadership – and was defeated once more, this time by Armin Laschet, the man widely regarded as the current Chancellor’s natural heir, to the point of being dubbed mini-Merkel.

A little out of touch with day-to-day life

Angela Merkel’s arch-rival Friedrich Merz

Mr Merz has been largely seen as Mrs Merkel’s arch-rival since his appearance on Bild Live, when he seemed eager to twist the knife less than a month before the 67-year-old resigns after 16 years as Germany’s leader.

Mr Merz, 65, was particularly critical of suggestions to make it illegal for unvaccinated persons to travel on long-distance trains, calling the idea “slightly out of touch with ordinary life.”

“Millions of commuters at the major railway stations in Berlin, Cologne, and Dusseldorf would have to be asked whether they have been tested, recovered, or vaccinated in the morning before they get on the train,” he said.

Mr Merz said that her measures would have a particularly negative impact on families.

“Families with children are now faced with the decision of whether they must stay at home, if their children must stay at home, and whether schools must close,” he stated.

Mrs Merkel yesterday slammed Olaf Scholz, the centre-left Social Democratic (SPD) candidate for Chancellor, for refusing to rule out a government with the far left ahead of the September 26 general election.

“There would never be a coalition with me as chancellor, and whether this attitude is shared by Olaf Scholz or not remains open,” she said at a joint press conference with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

“There is simply a tremendous difference in this setting for the future of.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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