Angela Merkel has been slammed for enraging the US over a Russian project, calling it a “stain on her legacy!”


Angela Merkel has been slammed for enraging the US over a Russian project, calling it a “stain on her legacy!”

ANGELA Merkel has been chastised by a political expert for “stinting her legacy” by her ties to the Russian-led Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.

The German Chancellor is scheduled to step down this summer after a difficult year combating the country’s deadly Covid outbreak. Andreas Kluth, on the other hand, warned that her remaining months could be overshadowed by a new controversy over her backing for a Russian gas pipeline. Despite Mrs Merkel’s journey to Washington this week to meet President Joe Biden, the author added that Germany’s relationship with the US could be jeopardized.

The US has criticized Nord Stream 2, which travels beneath the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany without passing through Ukraine, claiming that it will increase European reliance on Russian gas.

“By steadfastly supporting a Russian gas pipeline, Angela Merkel has let down the US and Europe – and left her successor with only awful options,” Mr Kluth wrote for Bloomberg.

“The geopolitical threat posed by Nord Stream 2 appears to be obvious enough for Poland, the Baltic states, France, the European Union, and other allies to oppose it with the United States.

“However, the Germans, like geostrategic ostriches, continue to bury their heads in the sand. Merkel, inexplicably, claims that the initiative is solely business and should be left to the private sector.

“In a last-ditch effort to prevent the link’s completion, the US Congress imposed penalties on vessels that laid the pipes, and in May, it demanded even harder measures, including actions against Nord Stream 2 AG’s German-born CEO.

“Biden, on the other hand, lifted the sanctions in the hopes of not jeopardizing the larger US-German relationship and giving the talks more time. However, when Biden has to show his hand in August, Congress will demand sanctions once more.

“This is making the Germans concerned, just as they approach the hot phase leading up to their September legislative election, which will result in a new government in a matter of months.

“Now it’s for to Merkel, who’ll be in Washington this week, to offer the Americans some solutions to the geopolitical problem she’s created.

“To her credit, she has already arranged for the existing gas agreement between Russia and Ukraine to be extended until 2024. It remains to be seen if Putin, who has repeatedly disobeyed international law in Crimea and elsewhere, will pay attention to it.”

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will be able to transport goods. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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