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Android cleaner patrols school corridors and classrooms blasting out a powerful UV ray

Patrolling corridors blasting out a powerful UV ray, this droid might look like something out of a sci-fi film – but it’s helping keep pupils safe from Covid.

The Sterilight Robots have been used in hospitals and airports before, but this was the first time they sterilised a school.

The UV ray shreds and breaks down virus DNA. The robots headed into Three Towers Alternative Provision Academy in Hindley, near Wigan.  

Co-inventor Gary Oualnan said: ‘Everything the light touches is steralised.

‘This technology is new as it removes the need for any manual labour.

‘Before, the robots would be programmed to do a few metres of work before the operator had to enter the room again and map out the next the next bit.

‘The thing is humans can inadvertently miss certain areas or not expose them long enough.

‘This technology completely rids itself of that.

‘Similar technology was used against SARS a decade ago and was used in hospitals.

‘We built on that to deal with coronavirus.’

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