Andrew was placed in a “gilded cage” by the Queen and Charles to protect the Royal Family.


Andrew was placed in a “gilded cage” by the Queen and Charles to protect the Royal Family.

As the controversies surrounding Prince Andrew grow, the Queen and Prince Charles have been doing everything they can to protect the Royal Family.

Virginia Giuffre, who has accused Prince Andrew of abusing her, has filed a lawsuit against him in the United States. The Duke has been accused of having intercourse with Ms Giuffre on numerous occasions, but he has vehemently denied these assertions. Angela Levin, a royal specialist, spoke on GB News on the challenges the Queen and Prince Charles face in dealing with these issues.

“It’s going to be really difficult,” Ms Levin said.

“You can’t expect the Queen to make strong, decisive judgments lightly.

“She is not a micromanager; she believes that if I don’t do these things in my family, everything will fall into place and everything will be fine.

“I don’t believe it is on this occasion.

“It will be extremely difficult for Prince Charles and Prince William if she passes it on to them.”

Ms Levin emphasized how terrible the Queen’s situation had become.

She also emphasized Prince Charles’ role in dealing with the challenges surrounding him.

“The Queen has dedicated herself to service and her country since she was in her early twenties,” Ms Levin asserted.

“However, she is also a mother and grandmother, and transitioning from head queen to mother and grandmother is a challenging task for her.

“It’s difficult for her to decide what she should do.

“Of course, the Queen has revoked Prince Andrew’s patronage in the meanwhile. He is not engaged in any activities that would benefit the monarchy.

“He’s basically sitting there in a gilded cage because he can’t go abroad to play gold and he can’t risk leaving this nation.

“The Queen has done her best, and Prince Charles has delegated these patronages to others.”

“Prince Andrew attempted to return and fetch one or two back, but Prince Charles refused.

“They are doing something, and I assume they are anticipating something, so they had to be ready.”

Ms Giuffre claimed to have had sexual contact with Prince Andrew on three occasions, according to court documents.

The Duke stated that he had “no recall” of meeting the claimant and that he couldn’t have done so. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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