Andrew Neil’s tweet ‘Stay in France’ caused a social media frenzy after calls to restrict freedom.


Andrew Neil’s ‘Stay in France’ has sparked a sensational Twitter storm in response to calls to limit freedom.

ANDREW NEIL has sparked a social media frenzy after claiming that it’s time to “punish Britain’s five million vaccine refuseniks.”

The broadcasting veteran said those who refuse to be vaccinated are putting the rest of the country “at risk of more restrictions” in an article published in the Daily Mail last month.

He suggested that Britain follow France’s lead and prosecute those who refuse to take the Covid vaccine.

“Young French people, previously sceptical of the need to be jabbed, have rushed to get vaccine passports so they can go out at night with their friends,” Mr Neil wrote in his article.

Germany, he claimed, was “considering mandatory vaccination as well.”

Mr Neil has been caught up in a Twitter storm after GB News presenter Calvin Robinson tweeted a picture of his article on Saturday.

“What if Andrew Neil was all along a stooge of the establishment?” Mr Robinson wondered on Twitter.

“What if he was a ruse to keep the opposition under control?”

“If @afneil (Andrew Neil) feels strongly enough, he should just stay in France and enjoy the way they’re living with lockdowns and protests,” one Twitter user, Rob (@Scally_Lewis), wrote.

“This is not a good look, to put it mildly,” another person, known as nonconformr, tweeted.

“However, the Government would not be able to impose restrictions in the first place if we had a Constitution that genuinely protected our right to liberty.”

“Wouldn’t it then be irrelevant how Mr Neil feels?”

“He begins at the wrong point.”

“What happened to Andrew Neil?” Lee Clark continued.

“I’m baffled as to how he went from a brilliant, free-thinking journalist to a complete stranger.”

“I’ve lost all my positivity towards Andrew,” a fourth Twitter user named markydeedrop said.

“He’s no longer a viable option.”

Adults in England must now show a Covid pass to enter nightclubs, major sporting events, and other large events as of December.

To enter certain venues, the new rules require proof of a recent negative test or proof of double-vaccination.

After three days of debate, French MPs approved a new COVID-19 vaccine pass earlier this week.

The bills will now be debated and voted on in the Senate the following week.

If approved, people aged 12 and up would be required to show proof of full vaccination before using public transportation or entering bars or restaurants.

No, a Covid test that is negative will not be accepted.

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