Andrew Neil mocks the’stupid’ anti-vaxxers who attacked the BBC but stormed Loose Women instead.


Andrew Neil mocks the’stupid’ anti-vaxxers who attacked the BBC but stormed Loose Women instead.

ANDREW NEIL criticized anti-vaccination activists as they targeted a BBC facility that the corporation had evacuated in 2013.

Mr Neil derided the intelligence of protestors who attempted to attack shooting studios in White City, west London, because the studio is now associated with the production of “Loose Women.” The gang struggled with police protecting the entry in footage posted on social media, claiming they had stopped recording and had taken control of the premises. However, with the BBC’s new headquarters in Salford, Mr Neil wondered if there was any link between anti-vaccine activists and stupidity.

“Anti-vaxxers protest BBC coverage of pandemic by attacking a building in White City,” Mr Neil wrote in a tweet.

“The BBC abandoned the property in 2013, and it is now luxury flats.

“Do you think there’s a correlation between stupidity and anti-vax sentiment? Opinions differ, but evidence accumulates.”

The BBC not only relocated its headquarters to Salford in 2013, but also relocated the majority of its news section to the new Broadcasting House in central London.

The property in question is still owned by the BBC, but ITV and other production companies film shows and content there, according to an ITV representative.

“Now it’s dawned on them they’re at the wrong spot, they say they’re moving to BBC Southbank,” Mr Neil added later.

“I wish you luck with it. There isn’t such a thing as a place like that.

“I had no idea BBC Broadcasting House W1 was such a well guarded secret.

“Improving the image of the Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight.”

Videos on the internet showed a throng marching towards the BBC compound, though it is unclear why they chose the BBC as their objective.

The protesters assembled outside Shepherd’s Bush Tube station before marching to White City to oppose vaccine passports and childhood vaccines.

During tense moments with the police, some can be heard yelling “shame on you” on camera.

A Met Police spokesperson claimed the situation had calmed down after officers clashed with them as they attempted to enter the building, though officers will remain on the scene.

“We are aware of a group of demonstrators who, having started off from Shepherds Bush Green soon after 13:00hrs, have collected outside commercial premises in Wood Lane, White City,” according to the statement.

“At this time, no arrests have been made, but officers are on the scene and will continue to monitor the situation.”

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