Andrew Neil masterfully dissects Nicola Sturgeon’s ideas for independence – “Sorry St Nicola.”


Andrew Neil masterfully dissects Nicola Sturgeon’s ideas for independence – “Sorry St Nicola.”

ANDREW NEIL has effectively dismantled “St Nicola’s” ambitions for independence while exposing a significant flaw in her effort to split up the United Kingdom.

Mr Neil argued that Ms Sturgeon’s declaration that a second referendum will be held by the end of 2023 is simply the First Minister giving “red meat” to her followers. Mr Neil said that if Ms Sturgeon didn’t keep insisting on a second referendum, her followers would soon “turn on her.” Mr Neil also said that the SNP has nothing to show for its 14 years in power, despite the terrible numbers on drug deaths in Scotland.

“Sturgeon needs to consistently offer her activists the red meat of division because that’s all that genuinely unites them,” he wrote for the Daily Mail.

“They would turn in on themselves and possibly on her if there was no immediate promise of independence.

“This is especially true given the SNP’s lack of accomplishments after 14 years in power.”

According to statistics, Scotland has the highest drug rate in Europe, with 295 persons per million.

Mr Neil admitted that the SNP may try to trigger a referendum without the Prime Minister’s consent, but he concluded that Ms Sturgeon’s days are numbered.

“Sturgeon and the SNP have had a tremendous innings,” he remarked. But independence remains elusive; it is unclear how they will achieve it, and the road ahead is likely to become more difficult rather than easier the longer they remain in power.

“Perhaps, before the present Scottish Parliament expires in 2026, Sturgeon will have departed for the type of international role that often goes to small-country leaders who have schmoozed the world stage.

“No one should be envious of whoever is left to pick up the pieces in the SNP hierarchy.”

Ms. Sturgeon’s determination to split up the United Kingdom has been reignited since the May election.

Only seven years after 55 percent of Scots decided to remain in the UK, the Government has so far rebuffed her pleas for a second referendum.

A vote might be held if the people of Scotland demand it, according to Michael Gove, Cabinet Office Minister.

“The notion that the people of Scotland can raise that issue again in the right conditions is there,” he said.

“I just don’t think it’s appropriate, and neither do the people.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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