Andrew Neil lashes out at an SNP MP for a disgusting and “historically wrong” post about Nazi babies.


Andrew Neil lashes out at an SNP MP for a disgusting and “historically wrong” post about Nazi babies.

A provocative tweet suggesting that murdering babies was not on the Nazi manifesto has been deleted by an SNP MP.

On July 15, Peter Grant, SNP MP for Glenrothes, allegedly made the unusual remark in response to GB News chairman. “You’re more right than you like to admit,” Mr Grant allegedly said. The Nazi manifesto did not call for the murder of children.

“Not until they’d been in control for a few years and had instilled dread and hatred in the hearts of innocent individuals.

“Only then, and only then, did they reveal their actual selves.”

The MP has now deleted the tweet, but a screenshot of the message has been shared on social media.

The MP was forced to issue an apology this morning, claiming that his post was “extremely disrespectful.”

“I want to express my sincere regret for a terribly inappropriate tweet I sent,” he stated.

“While I believe we must constantly be cautious against the germs of racism, antisemitism, and fascism, I truly regret the manner in which I expressed that argument, and I have deleted the tweet.”

Mr Neil responded this morning, insisting that the tweet was “bizarre.”

“A weird, historically incorrect tweet,” he remarked. It’s best if you delete it.

“Even after the Nazis’ true colors were revealed, your forefathers in the Scottish nationalism movement attempted to curry favor with them.”

“This tweet was simply awful and beyond the pale,” Scottish Conservative Chief Whip Stephen Kerr MSP stated. It was both insulting and misleading for an elected SNP MP to make such a statement.

“It’s hard to believe that any elected official would think such rhetoric was suitable in a political debate. It has no place in civil conversation at all.

“An was a twisted tweet that revealed a concerning look into the beliefs of this SNP MP. Peter Grant must apologize immediately and reflect on his heinous behavior.”

Mr Neil had warned against making allegations of fascism, however it is unclear which tweet the SNP MP was supposedly commenting on.

“A proper apologies,” Mr Neil said after the apology. The offending tweet was a retweet of one of my own. Mr Grant has concluded the subject, and I will not pursue it further.”

Mr Neil created GB News last month, in addition to his social media profiles.

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