Andrew Neil goes on a rage about Theresa May’s ‘cack-handed’ time as Prime Minister.


Andrew Neil goes on a rage about Theresa May’s ‘cack-handed’ time as Prime Minister.

ANDREW NEIL has written a blistering critique of Theresa May’s tenure as Prime Minister and her handling of Brexit.

Andrew Neil gave a scathing evaluation of the United Kingdom’s efforts to conclude the Brexit process, describing it as arduous. The GB News host also chastised Theresa May for her performance in the 2017 general election, in which the Conservative Party lost its majority.

“British politics started a wretched period of drift and muddle, made even worse when Theresa May’s cack-handed 2017 election campaign wiped out the Tories’ majority,” Mr Neil said.

“There were periods when it appeared like Brexit would never happen.

“In December 2019, Boris Johnson won an unexpected landslide victory, bringing the drama to a close.”

“We didn’t finalize the transition until this January, four and a half years after we decided to leave,” he continued.

Andrew Neil talked on the “envious” relationship between the UK and the EU on his self-titled weeknight GB News show on Tuesday.

“European material must make up the majority of the air time on terrestrial channels,” the political broadcaster stated. Even massive streaming services like Netflix are subject to regulations.

“At least 30% of their content offered in Europe must be European,” says the company.

“There’s a lot of envy in all of this,” says the narrator.

“The United Kingdom is Europe’s largest producer of television and films.

“In Europe, there are more British shows on Netflix than any other country.

“If there wasn’t a need for European audiences, Netflix wouldn’t be presenting them.”

“Too often, the EU’s default position is that if we can’t compete, let’s regulate,” he continued.

Andrew Neil was embroiled in a Twitter feud last month over whether or not he voted for Brexit.

“You voted for Brexit and now you’re backing a lying government because you know Brexit needs a government that can spin whoppers in order to deflect and blag how sh** Brexit is,” one Twitter user commented.

“Brexit is so bad that we have to jeopardize the health of nations for a bad trade deal that is far worse than the EU.”

“How do you know how I voted in the Brexit referendum?” Mr Neil responded. How do you know if I cast a ballot?

“These questions stumped even my wife, so your answers will be fascinating.”


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