Andrew Marr slams Environment Secretary Eustice in a BBC squabble, calling him a “sleazy government.”


Andrew Marr slams Environment Secretary Eustice in a BBC squabble, calling him a “sleazy government.”

Andrew Marr grilled Environment Secretary George Eustice ruthlessly about recent Conservative’sleaze’ reports.

Following the recent Owen Paterson lobbying scandal and reports that the Conservatives are rewarding wealthy party donors with House of Lord peerages, BBC’s Andrew Marr ripped into George Eustice.

Mr Marr went after Mr Eustice, demanding that he respond to the public, who now see the Conservatives as a “sleazy government.”

Mr Eustice brushed aside the “cash for peerages” rumor, claiming that the donors were “philanthropists” whose expertise was desperately needed in the House of Lords.

Mr Eustice was asked about the findings that a number of Conservative treasurers have been offered peerages in the House of Lords while speaking on the Andrew Marr Show.

“With the exception of the most recent, all 16 of the Conservative Party’s main treasurers have been offered a seat in the House of Lords in the past 20 years,” Mr Marr said to the Environment Secretary.

“Can you see why so many people will see that and conclude that this is a crooked government?”

Mr Eustice dismissed sleaze allegations.

“I don’t actually, these people will be philanthropists in every case…” he retorted.

Mr Marr interjected, saying that these “philanthropists” were all Conservative Party supporters who wanted Mr Eustice to explain the link between their party support and House of Lords seats.

“Well, they’re philanthropists who give huge sums to charity, who would be very successful in business, and thus on those grounds ought to be considered for the Lords,” Mr Eustice continued.

“Plus, they’ve worked with political parties, whether it’s Labour or the Conservatives.”

“People like that are interested in politics, are philanthropists, and have made a significant contribution to society.”

“And, in many cases, they have a lot of business expertise that the House of Lords can use.”

According to a report in the Sunday Times, the Conservative Party is offering seats in the House of Lords to wealthy donors.

Rich donors “appear to be guaranteed a peerage if they take on the temporary role of party treasurer and increase their own donations beyond £3million,” according to the report.

Since 2010, 22 of the Conservatives’ biggest financial backers have been offered seats, according to the report.

The news comes amid reports that Owen Paterson, who resigned after breaking lobbying rules, has been denied a peerage.

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