An ‘Overwatch’ Grandmaster Player Attempts to Play On Console On PC; He Is Instantly Destroyed


An ‘Overwatch’ Grandmaster Player Attempts to Play on Console on PC; He Is Instantly Destroyed.

Somjuu, a Grandmaster at Activision Blizzard’s massively popular shooter and a Twitch streamer, recently tried playing the game on a PS4.

The outcomes were most likely not what he had hoped for.

According to GameRant, the Top 500 “Overwatch” player struggled when he switched to console, reigniting debates about whether someone who is good at shooters on PC might not be as good on console, and vice versa.

Somjuu was seen struggling to keep up with an enemy playing Soldier:76 in one of his Twitch games on the Ilios map, who was literally running circles around him.

Despite his teammate’s (Lucio) use of the Sound Barrier ultimate to assist him, he was unable to defeat the enemy DPS player.

Somjuu was playing as Cole Cassidy (a DPS character recently renamed by Activision Blizzard) in a different game.

He fared a little better, though he died off the edge of the Oasis map.

Here’s another video of him playing as Genji, a DPS hero who he claims is his first Dragonblade on console:

RATE MY VERY FIRST CONSOLE BLADE (hashtag) Overwatch pic.twitter.comqv2BBpwmu8

— November 22, 2021 (@ItsSomjuu)

Even a damage boost from a nearby Mercy teammate didn’t help him kill a trio of Moira, Hanzo, and Echo trying to thwart his ultimate, as you can see.

Activision Blizzard has postponed the release of ‘Diablo IV’ and ‘Overwatch 2’ yet again.

‘Overwatch’ On Console vs. ‘Overwatch’ On PC

The Lowdown on PC

As expected, many viewers of Somjuu’s console “Overwatch” stream began debating how different first-person shooter experiences could be for console and PC players.

It all comes down to the input devices: mouse vs. controller, in terms of technical terms.

Because of its high sensitivity, PC gamers swear by the mouse, claiming that it allows for greater accuracy and faster in-game reflexes.

For many in the world of eSports, this is also a moot point.

Ali “TSM Myth” Kabbani, a pro eSports player, expressed strong feelings about the debate, saying he’ll never include a controller user in his top 10 FPS players of all time list:

A controller player will never make my top ten list of best first-person shooter players of all time.

September 21, 2021, by Myth (@TSM_Myth)

The Wall Street Journal published an article that looked into it more closely.

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