An gigantic skeleton bursting out of his house has gone viral, thanks to a Halloween fanatic.


Alan Perkins went viral after sharing his unique Halloween decorations which included a giant skeleton emerging from the front porch of his Ohio home which has been dubbed the ‘Haunt of the Falls’

A Halloween-enthusiast has wowed social media users across the world with his incredible decorations – including a giant skeleton emerging from his house.

Alan Perkins has been posting regular updates and developments for the creepiest house of the season.

The post which now has over 40k Facebook reactions and 7,000 comments show a huge skeleton hand-mounted the roof of his front porch as a giant boney arm reaches around the side to pick up a smaller skeletal body.

These, among other decorations which include bordered windows, giant spiders and webs, were all handmade by Alan in his backyard for the house he has dubbed ‘Haunt of the Falls.’

In his most recent update to Cleveland Haunt Club, Ohio he said: “I got the arms and hands mounted today. A neighbour of mine let me borrow his 12-foot skeleton to capture. Still need to make the skull breaking through the roof.

“Getting closer though. I also posted a picture of my window covers and the connection pieces for the knuckles that allow the fingers to move. Located on River Road in Olmsted Falls.”

Writer, Rob Sheridan, who shared the pics to Twitter to promote Alan’s work and has also gone viral with over 70k like and 1k retweens.

He tweeted: “Ohio resident Alan Perkins has taken the 12-foot skeleton game to an entirely new level, building a MASSIVE skeleton bursting out of his home to grab the 12 footers like a toy.

“Apparently he’s still going to add a giant skull bursting through the roof. Just phenomenal work.”

Fascinated fans flocked to the comment section to praise his handy work.

One user wrote: “What a creative piece of art. I love what you have done here but even more impressive is that you are sharing your process and tricks with the world. Thank you for the share.”

Another said: “You win Halloween!!”

A third added: “He has a lot of talent and a great imagination.”

A fourth said: “You are my new hero. This is so very cool. Thank you for sharing your step by step and the progress.”

The news comes after a woman in Canada turned her front yard into a graveyard for anti-vaxxers with mocking headstones for the first Halloween post-covid.

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