An enraged, dead man’s ‘ghost’ pursues a woman home from work before ‘assaulting’ her.


An enraged, dead man’s ‘ghost’ pursues a woman home from work before ‘assaulting’ her.

A GHOST is said to have traumatized a lady after becoming “angry and aggressive” and even “assaulting her in the shower.”

Leah Lewis alleges she has had mysterious scratches on her thigh as a result of months of spiritual activity in the home she shares with her mother. Her ordeal compelled her to seek the assistance of a psychic medium to clear her haunted home and assist the spirit in “passing to the other side.”

According to Staffordshire Live, Ms Lewis says the ghost “followed” her home from work at the haunted business – something the 21-year-old is certain of because she “saw” it lurking behind her.

The ghost was thought to be a slain guy from the neighborhood by shop employees, who described him as “aggressive and angry.”

The mysterious problems began just a few weeks after Ms Lewis’ grandfather died at the family’s house in Staffordshire.

“Leah started saying that she could see and hear things that none of us could,” her mother, Colette, explained. This happened to me one evening while traveling to my mother’s house. She inquired if I had seen the little girl standing on the roadside, and I was taken aback because I couldn’t see anyone.

“Fast forward a few months, and she’s only gotten better. She’d returned home from work and told me about the activities she’d participated in while there. We had no idea that ‘the man upstairs,’ as she referred to him, would follow her home and turn into our worst nightmare.”

Ms Lewis once felt a man breathing down her neck, which she later saw scratched on her thigh after getting out of the shower.

“I didn’t feel anything [in the shower]until I saw the scratches as I was drying myself,” she explained.

“I told my mother, and she suggested that we call Ian Griffiths [the psychic medium]right away. We’d been putting it off for a long, but now I’d been assaulted physically.”

Later that night, she went into her mother’s room to inquire about what she was doing since she thought she heard something rummaging around in the closet – only to find her mother in bed, far from the closet.

“With her now being.” Brinkwire Summary News, Ms Lewis’ mother remarked.


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