Americans criticize Harrods in London, saying it “felt like a stab in the face!”


Americans criticize Harrods in London, saying it “felt like a stab in the face!”

AMERICANS have written scathing reviews of London’s Harrods department store, with one describing it as “being stabbed in the face.”

The state of Qatar, through its sovereign wealth fund, the Qatar Investment Authority, owns the high-end department store in Knightbridge, London.

The store, which opened in 1849 and now occupies a five-acre site, has 330 departments covering 1.1 million square feet.

It is one of Europe’s most renowned and well-known department stores.

The well-known store, however, does not appeal to everyone, as many tourists have expressed their displeasure on social media.

One resident of Fall River, Massachusetts, advised people to avoid the hassle and simply go to Selfridges.

“I enjoy high-end shopping, but I despise this store,” Daniel L said.

“Save yourself the trouble and the clout by going straight to Selfridges.”

Another American, Benjamin S from Los Angeles, said, “I despised this department store.”

“It was a confusing maze with a bunch of tiny overpriced luxury brand stores crammed into a large building,” says the author.

“The girls who work in the YSL bag department section were dismissive and acted like we were defacing their grandmother’s tombstone every time we dared touch a handbag,” said one anonymous customer from Des Plaines, Illinois.

“I’m going to say no.”

“I will never step foot into this store again,” wrote Christina P of Baltimore.

“I really wanted to spend money here, but every interaction with the staff felt like a stab in the back, so I gave up and walked out.”

“I’m going to stick to Marks and Spencers.”

While some people despised their visits to the department store, others marveled at its size.

Laurence T from Denver compared it to “Hogwarts for adults.”

“This place is like Hogwarts for adults!!” they exclaimed.

“You’re immediately taken aback by the magnificent Egyptian decor as you enter and ascend the various escalators.”

“The fudge here is to die for, and the toy store (or any store for that matter) is breathtaking,” Jay S from Walnut Creek, California, added.

“A complete shopping experience in luxury and prestige.”

Rita V from Hudson had a mixed experience at the store, describing wealth and money as “gluttony” but praising the chocolates as “delicious.”

“Inhale deeply,” she said.

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