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American expat couple, 27, reveal their LEAST favourite things about Australia

An American expat couple have shared their least favourite things about living in Australia, including the taste of pizza and Mexican food, how far away it is and the internet connection.

Jenny and Logan, 27, left the United States in August 2019 and travelled to nine countries abroad in two months, before settling in Sydney, Australia, from October.

They were on working holiday visas but had to return home in May 2020 after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown lifted.  

‘There isn’t a whole lot that we miss back home but there are a few things that we feel the need to mention,’ Jenny said just before they left, in a video they posted on May 21.

Anyone who grew up Down Under will know how long any plane trip takes to travel internationally. 

‘Australia is so far from everything, we’re literally on the other side of the world. We’re usually in the future when we talk to our family back home and we’re just so far away from everything,’ Logan said.

‘I mean flights to Asia are eight hours long minimum. Even New Zealand is still a couple of hours away,’ Jenny said.

The pair were isolated in Australia ‘by themselves’ which made things even more difficult.  

The couple were excited to try ‘Australian’ food when they arrived – like meat pies – but it was the country’s Italian and Mexican cuisine that didn’t stack up. 

‘Even though we do love Asian food out here we miss Mexican food and American-style pizzas back home,’ Logan said.

‘We have found some good pizza in Newtown, in Sydney, when we were staying near there but it’s just different. You can’t get a good slice.’

Logan said that Australians have ‘different tastebuds for pizza’, with Jenny adding that she once had a slice with avocado on it, which was ‘strange’.  

‘In regards to Mexican food, there are just so many good authentic Mexican food options at home, and you don’t get that here,’ Jenny said.

‘It’s something we’ll be getting when we head back home,’ Logan added.

One of the commenters wasn’t impressed by the pizza comment, saying: ‘The pizza thing I don’t get. I tried pizza in the US and it was floppy, super greasy and too cheesy in my opinion’.

Jenny was unaccustomed to having a phone line drop out or the line being ‘fuzzy’, which often happened when she was on a work call.  

‘It happened way more often than it ever did when I worked at home in the US,’ she said.

‘The internet is slower here. Australia is just so far from everything that you know the internet is not as quick or reliable as it is when you’re back home in the US.’ 

While it certainly ‘does the job’ the pair would have found life a little bit easier if it was faster. 



While they weren’t missing the cold winter weather they experience in America, the pair were shocked to find that Australia doesn’t ‘really have a change in seasons’. 

‘We really miss the Fall period back home where the leaves will change colour,’ Logan said.

‘Football starting, Thanksgiving, crisp weather. We missed out on that here in Australia.’

Jenny added: ‘Fall is a really beautiful time of year but having your long summer is pretty nice too’. 

A comment underneath the video reassured the couple that what they experienced in Sydney wasn’t a reflection of the entirety of Australia.

‘We have really nice autumn weather in Victoria, Sydney is more sub-tropical. Many regional towns close to Melbourne have deciduous European trees with beautiful colours.’

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