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Amber Heard shares supportive message from fan amid trial

Amber Heard today shared a supportive message from a fan after her third day giving evidence in her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s bombshell libel trial.

The actress, who has accused Depp, 57, of verbal and physical abuse throughout their relationship, posted an image to Instagram holding a handwritten message from a supporter, Rebecca. 

The note assured Heard she has ‘a lot of REAL people’ rooting for her ‘health and happiness’ amid the ongoing trial at the High Court in London.

It read: ‘Amber, I’m here today in the name of all your fans to remind you that we stand with you always!

‘You have a lot of REAL people rooting for you, for your health and happiness. Don’t you forget that.’ 

Heard captioned the image, in which she is seen smiling while holding the note, ‘thank you Rebecca!!’ 

The actress today gave her third day of evidence in Depp’s libel trial against The Sun’s publisher News Group Newspapers. Depp is suing NGN over an article in April 2018 which labelled him a ‘wife beater’. 

The publisher is defending the article as true, claiming Depp was ‘controlling and verbally and physically abusive towards Heard, particularly when he was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs’. 

The actress today denied severing the tip of Depp’s finger and stubbing out a cigarette on his face during a violent argument in Australia, claiming the Hollywood star was lobbing up to 30 booze bottles at her ‘like grenades’ while holding her hostage for three days in a mansion.

Heard, who accuses the Pirates of the Caribbean star of physical abuse on at least 14 occasions, was questioned about an alleged incident Down Under in March 2015. 

Eleanor Laws QC, representing Depp, today put it to Heard that during the alleged Australia incident the actress ‘worked yourself into a rage, screaming at him’ and threw a glass bottle.

Heard said she got angry ‘at times’ but ‘not to the extent where I would throw anything at him offensively’.

In response to a suggestion from Ms Laws that she threw a bottle at Depp’s head, smashing a mirror behind him, Heard said she did break a bottle ‘very early’ on the second evening of the trip, and it was ‘before Johnny had started to throw the bottles at me’.

She claimed the couple were in an argument about Depp drinking and when she confronted him, he offered her the bottle.

The actress told the court: ‘He said, “Oh yeah, you want it? Here, take it”, and at that point drinking had already been… he had already given it up for a while and it was on the list of “if this happens, I leave” sort of thing. It was no-fly.

‘And he gestured to offer it to me and I reached to take it and he pulled it back.’

She said Depp was ‘teasing me to take it’ and then pulling it away.  

Heard went on to say she ‘reached for it a second time and I smashed it on the floor in between Johnny and I’.

She added: ‘I regret I did that.’

Heard then told the court: ‘He started picking them (bottles) up one by one and throwing them like grenades.

‘One after the other after the other, in my direction, and I felt glass breaking behind me, I retreated more into the bar and he didn’t stop.

‘I was too scared to look behind me. He threw all the bottles that were in reach, all except for one which was a celebratory magnum-sized bottle of wine.’

Heard said she remembered that was the only bottle not smashed out of 30 or so.

The court has previously heard that Depp’s finger was severed during the alleged incident, with the film star claiming Heard was responsible, which she denies.

Ms Laws put it to Heard that the injury was caused by her ‘throwing a bottle in his direction, smashing it down and severing the tip of his finger with glass,’ to which Heard replied: ‘No.’

She also denied stubbing a cigarette out on Depp’s cheek, saying the Pirates of the Caribbean star did it to himself.

Ms Laws said: ‘You did it, didn’t you?’ To which Ms Heard replied: ‘No, Johnny did it right in front of me, he often did things like that.’ 

The lawyer added: ‘According to you, Mr Depp sliced his finger off all on his own… and then carried on attacking you.’

Ms Heard said: ‘Yes, he did. I don’t think he meant to sever the finger but yes he did continue the attack.’

The actress, 34, has accused Depp of both verbal and physical abuse throughout their relationship – allegedly punching, slapping, kicking, headbutting and choking her, as well as displaying ‘extremely controlling and intimidating behaviour’.

However, Depp says he was not violent towards Heard, claiming it was she who was violent to him.   

The actor is suing NGN over the publication of an article in April 2018. His lawyers say the article bore the meaning there was ‘overwhelming evidence’ Depp assaulted Heard on a number of occasions and left her ‘in fear for her life’.

NGN is defending the article as true, and says Mr Depp was ‘controlling and verbally and physically abusive towards Ms Heard, particularly when he was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs’.

The case continues. 

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