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Amazon app now lets you ‘see’ products in your house using phone camera

AMAZON has a new augmented reality tool that lets you see what products would look like in your house before buying them.

The new app feature relies on photos you’ve taken to let you virtually position multiple items of furniture in rooms around your home.

It’s currently only avaliable on the iOS app.

The feature is called Room Decorator.

It builds upon Amazon’s 2017 AR View feature that lets you virtually put certain singular items in a room.

Room Decorator is said to provide higher quality images as well as having the advantage of seeing how multiple prospective purchases would look together.

All you need to do is taken a picture of your chosen room and start adding items to it.

A lot of furniture from both Amazon and some third-party sellers can be tested using the feature.

New items are being added to the list all the time.

If you have the Amazon mobile app on your iPhone make sure you update it to get Room Decorator.

All users are expected to have it within weeks.

There’s currently no word on when it may be coming to Android.

In other news, you can talk to Alexa even when you’re in the car thanks to Echo Auto.

An Alexa ‘snooping-blocker’ that jams the microphone of your Echo smart speaker has been developed.

Amazon has removed Alexa’s burglar-detecting Guard feature in the UK after accidentally offering it to users.

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