‘Amazing to have her here,’ Camilla said of her visit to Cairo’s donkey hospital.


‘Amazing to have her here,’ Camilla said of her visit to Cairo’s donkey hospital.

CAMILLA, Duchess of Cornwall, used her final day in Egypt to visit an animal sanctuary and meet donkeys.

Prince Charles and his wife have just returned from a royal tour that included a few days in Jordan and a visit to Egypt. The Duchess of Edinburgh was photographed in a veterinary center in Cairo that specializes in donkeys and horses.

The last time the princess visited the Brooke charity was in 2006, when she accepted the position of president of the institution.

“It’s something truly fantastic that we have her here after such a long time – 15 years since she joined us before,” Brooke’s CEO Abeer Shennawy remarked. “Every single member of the team is ecstatic.” Camilla was invited to officially launch the rebuilt hospital because of the facility’s strong ties to the United Kingdom.

In 1931, the widow of an Army officer was so appalled to discover Britain’s loyal war horses working on the streets of Egypt into old age that she wrote to the Morning Post, asking with its readers for assistance.

As a consequence, £20,000 was raised, and 5,000 horses were saved from pain and allowed to live out their lives in peace.

The photograph and name of Dorothy Brooke, the wife of a Major General, remain on the wall.

Brooke is the modern name for the Old War Horse Memorial Hospital, which today operates four facilities and 28 mobile vet units across Egypt.

Around 160,000 injured and sick donkeys and horses are cared for for free, the most of them are brought in by owners who cannot afford to treat them.

The organization has offices throughout the United Kingdom, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

“I can’t believe how clean they are, extremely stunning,” Camilla exclaimed as she greeted the creatures.

“They are truly pristine.”

She fed a Bardeen, a type of clover, to one of the patients before Dr. Enam Nouam, the hospital’s head of animal care, told the Duchess that the animal had been admitted after being injured by a car.

“You sad thing, well you are in good hands,” Camilla said the donkey.

Her husband was at a meeting of his Sustainable Markets Initiative while she was interacting with the animal refuge employees and animals.

The Duchess added she and the Prince may have been “photographed against the pyramids like tourists” at the end of the tour. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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