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Amateur cooks bake dagwood dogs in Kmart sausage roll maker

A savvy Australian mum has shared how she made two different kinds of hotdogs using the $29 Kmart sausage roll maker.

Jodie posted images to a popular cookery Facebook group where she originally saw the idea after many said they reminded them of dagwood dogs.

A dagwood dog, also known as a corn dog, is a sausage on a stick that’s covered in a thick layer of deep fried cornmeal batter.  

‘Thank you to the person who shared the hotdog idea! I used pastry for four and pancake mix (just the shaker kind) for the other four,’ Jodie said online.

‘Miss seven said she loved both, but pastry was just a little better. She liked the sweetness of the pancake mix with the hotdog.’

Jodie said she used Don Skin-On Cocktail Franks sausages, puff pastry and a standard pancake mix.

‘I cooked [the sausages] until I was happy with the colour,’ she said.

To make the hotdogs, she cooked the sausages first then lined the sausage roll maker with the puff pastry, placed a sausage inside then added another layer of pastry on top. 

She did the same with the second batch of sausages but instead used the pancake mix to create a sweet hotdog.  

‘Fantastic idea! Going to try these this weekend,’ one person said online.

‘I’d like to do this with apples,’ another said, a third added: ‘Looks so delicious.’ 

Earlier this month, another home cook shared a similar recipe to make ‘waffle dogs’ using waffle batter and hot dog sausages.

The recipe is similar to Jodie’s pancake mix idea but instead uses waffle batter.  

‘It does require a bit of patience but I’m sure there are times that we need a break from puff pastry,’ Helen said.

Other social media users online said they are excited to try both recipes for themselves, though will need to first purchase the sausage roll maker.  

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