Allow them to be alone! Brexit supporters were told not to congratulate Team GB at the Olympics.


Allow them to be alone! Brexit supporters were told not to congratulate Team GB at the Olympics.


As part of its campaign at the Rio Olympic Games, the EU was previously told to stop applauding Jessica Ennis-Hill and other Team GB members.

This week, Ms Ennis-Hill and a number of her former teammates will assess Team GB’s performance in the Olympic athletics disciplines. Denis Lewis, Colin Jackson, Jeanette Kwakye, and Michael Johnson, among the most well-known athletes in the United Kingdom, will accompany her. Team GB will compete in a variety of events on Tuesday, including the women’s long jump, men’s 200m, hurdles, pole vault, hammer throw, and more.

Ms Ennis-Hill is one of the most decorated athletes in the United Kingdom, having picked up an outstanding number of points in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in athletics.

However, she was unable to defend her Olympic heptathlon crown, finishing second against Belgium’s Nafissatou Thiam, who went on to win by 35 points.

This occurred only a few months after the United Kingdom chose to exit the EU.

During the Olympics, the Leave.EU campaign, one of the vote’s biggest and most influential proponents, issued a series of congrats to Britain’s Olympians.

The group went on to say that their achievements demonstrated that Britain was not too small to leave the EU, as many Remainers and pro-EU individuals had previously asserted.

Leave.EU, on the other hand, was promptly told to stop utilizing the Olympics in its tweets.

The British Olympic Association sent a warning letter to the activists.


The letter, which was later withdrawn from the EU’s website, detailed how the group had been advised that using words like “Rio 2016,” “Team GB,” or “Olympics,” as well as any Olympic or Team GB insignia, was an infringement of the British Olympic Association’s intellectual property rights.


“These rights are reserved solely for our official partners who, as you will realize, pay substantial sums to utilize our intellectual property and connect themselves with the Olympic Games,” the statement said.

The group was also told to remove all earlier texts by the Association.

Leave.EU, according to I News, said the initiative “reeks of desperation” in a blog post.

“Throughout the referendum campaign, remaniacs continuously knocked Britain down, saying we were too little and too pathetic to succeed outside of the EU,” the publication wrote.

“We understand they’re still p****d that the majority of people believe in Britain.”


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