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Allen’s are set to launch new OAK-inspired milk bottle lolly flavours

Allen’s lollies and Nestle has transformed its iconic milk bottle lollies and created new Oak-inspired flavours. 

The exciting range features two new packets, including an iced coffee milk bottle and mixed flavoured milk bottles.

But customers will have to patiently wait for the $2 packets to launch in Coles, IGA and Woolworths supermarkets in late August.

Shoppers already seem eager to try the new products and have shared their excitement about the new lollies on social media. 

‘No way!’ one person said, another added: ‘I need to try these!’ 

In April Oak also transformed some of the iconic Australian lollies into a selection of flavoured milk drinks, including Allen’s Pineapples, Allen’s Fantales and Nestle Peppermint Crisp.

When the new Oak milk flavours were released, keen fans rushed to get their hands on the dairy goodness that was priced at $3.10 per carton. 

‘The Allen’s Pineapple lollies are my favourite, I will definitely give this drink a try,’ one woman said, while another added: ‘I wonder if it’ll taste like my childhood?’

Many shoppers raved about the new Peppermint Crisp, describing the flavour as ‘delicious’ and ‘amazing’ while another said: ‘It was really yummy. My favourite is spearmint milkshakes so this is close!’ 

But those who tasted the Pineapple-flavoured milk were not on board, with one saying: ‘Tried the Pineapple Oak tonight… leave that as a lolly.’

The new flavours have divided shoppers on social media.

‘Already tried all three. And don’t rate the Pineapples. Peppermint Crisp and Fantales are pretty good,’ one said, while another added: ‘Peppermint is good, the other two, not a fan.’

Most customers said they were keen to try Oak Fantales as they expected the flavour would be similar to the famous creamy choc-caramel fudge. 

Others said they were just simply confused about the bizarre mash-up flavours.

‘Don’t know how I feel about these.. the Fantales one better come with trivia,’ one said, and another added: ‘Love pineapples, but am skeptical of pineapple lolly milk.’

The new range comes just six months after the brand released Redskins, Jaffas and Chokito flavoured drinks.

This also isn’t the first time businesses have experimented with their flavours and been inspired by other brands. 

Earlier this month Arnott’s transformed one of Australia’s most iconic drinks into a new range of biscuits.

The brand has given Dare Iced Coffee and Dairy Farmers Chocolate Milk a crumbly makeover, turning the fan favourites into chocolate biscuits.

The slice combines the flavour of Dare Iced Coffee with the shape and texture of Arnott’s classic Mint Slice. 

Citra Yunika, Arnott’s brand manager said: ‘Arnott’s has a wide range of biscuit flavours and textures to meet many needs, but these two new biscuits are completely different.

‘We are thrilled to be teaming up with Lion to replicate flavours from their much loved on-the-go milk drinks and combine them with our crowd pleasers – TeeVee Snacks and Slice.

‘From the delectable flavour combination of Iced Coffee with Arnott’s real milk chocolate, or the exciting Dairy Farmers Milk Chocolate infused with Arnott’s famous TeeVee Snacks – we can’t wait for Australians to try and enjoy.’ 

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