All over-18s attending large events or nightclubs in Wales must have a Covid health pass.


All over-18s attending large events or nightclubs in Wales must have a Covid health pass.

Despite worries from members of the nightclub business that the government is “singling them out,” First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford stayed firm in his decision to move forward with the Covid legislation.

Drakeford acknowledged that the new approach could be “susceptible to abuse,” with some individuals falsifying lateral flow test results, but said he hopes citizens will follow the regulations to help the country recover from the pandemic.

To minimize potential abuses, the Welsh government is considering enacting legislation making it unlawful to falsify a Covid test, while Welsh MPs have expressed concerns about how such a rule would be implemented given that lateral flow tests are self-certified.

Drakeford dismissed nightclub opposition, claiming that there is a “cost issue” because “nightclubs already have to check people’s age.”

The system will require all over-18s to show they have been double-jabbed or have tested negative for the virus in the last 48 hours before attending nightclubs or larger gatherings, with anyone over 16 being able to get fully vaccinated in Wales.

Wales’ Education Minister, Jeremy Miles, indicated that the Covid pass plan is needed to keep the health sector from being put under “significant strain” this winter, when the UK is expected to face both the pandemic and the yearly flu season.

The Welsh parliament, known as the Senedd, endorsed the scheme last Tuesday, bringing it into law with a one-vote majority after a Conservative Party lawmaker was unable to vote because they were attending the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

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