Alien hunters say they have sighted a UFO flying above London.


Alien hunters say they have sighted a UFO flying above London.

A UFO has allegedly been spotted over London, with witnesses stating the strange object seemed to be a ball of fire in the sky.

Witnesses were taken aback as the object in the sky appeared to move in circles. The thing appeared to be a ball of fire that hovered in circles, according to one witness. The camera person was astounded by what they saw in a video and narrative submitted to the UFO investigative network MUFON.

“I was walking down Talgarth Road in Kensington,” the statement read. It was snowing outside, so you can guess I wasn’t looking up.

“However, I have amazing peripheral vision. From the top right half of the sky, I saw a glimpse of bright orange.

“As I focused, I discovered it was a massive, fire-colored sphere.

“It was moving ahead, but in extremely tight circles.

“I reached for my phone, but I was only able to capture it as it flew away. I do have a video that is almost two minutes long.

“The orb’s brightness is clearly not captured by my camera.

“However, it was as bright as fire and not something we would utilize in any form of aircraft system.”

While there is no official explanation for the sighting, it is likely to be explained logically.

A drone, for example, could be the UFO. Another option is that it’s just a chopper keeping an eye on the capital.

Most UFOs, according to University of Arizona astronomer Chris Impey, have “mundane” explanations.

He said that there are billions of objects in space near Earth that are most likely the source of alleged UFO sightings.

“Most UFOs have mundane explanations,” he wrote in The Conversation.

“Meteors, fireballs, and the planet Venus are responsible for more than half of the deaths. Astronomers are familiar with such bright objects, but they are frequently overlooked by the general public.”


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