Alien hunters claim to have seen a spaceship over Rugby, England.


Alien hunters claim to have seen a spaceship over Rugby, England.

A bright, whirling light was observed floating across the skies in broad daylight, leading alien seekers to assume they have witnessed a UFO flying over the town of Rugby.

One of humanity’s greatest puzzles is whether we are alone in the Universe. Despite the seeming infiniteness of the Universe, there has been no evidence that life on Earth is not an oddity. Occasionally, however, a peculiar light flashes in the sky, prompting conspiracy theorists to claim that aliens are visiting our planet.

The most recent is over Rugby, a town in England’s midlands.

A unusual light in the sky is seen in a video uploaded to the prominent YouTube channel UFO Institute.

The item appears to be twirling in mid-air with no apparent direction.

The witnesses, who were travelling down the M1 at the time, can be heard expressing their surprise at the strange object that moves erratically.

The flying object twists and spins in the sky for the duration of the video, which is just over a minute long.

The object appears to be of alien origin, according to several comments on the video.

In the comments area, one user just used an alien emoji.

Another person showed their pleasure by saying, “Pretty cool.”

However, there could be a number of plausible reasons for the alleged UFO incident.

The most likely explanation for the unpredictable behavior is that a fireworks display was taking place in the distance.

A meteor, on the other hand, could be exploding in the atmosphere.

Most UFOs, according to University of Arizona astronomer Chris Impey, have “mundane” explanations.

He said that there are billions of objects in space near Earth that are most likely the source of alleged UFO sightings.

“Most UFOs have mundane explanations,” he wrote in The Conversation.

“Meteors, fireballs, and the planet Venus are responsible for more than half of the deaths.

“While astronomers are familiar with such brilliant objects, the general population is typically unaware of them.”


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