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Alex dumps one devastated female contestant for another in a dramatic Farmer Wants A Wife finale

Monday’s Farmer Wants A Wife finale saw the farmers coming together one last time to update everybody on their loves lives.

And while farmer Neil Seaman revealed he’s still together with Justine Adams, the other farmers confessed they’d had a rockier path to love.

In what was arguably the show’s biggest twist, farmer Alex Taylor revealed he started to see Jess Wolfe as just a friend after choosing her over Henrietta Moore. 

‘I just kept on starting to feel that I could only see her as my friend. I couldn’t see this romance blossoming that I was craving,’ the 29-year-old explained, adding, ‘My heart wasn’t in it.’

Alex said he ultimately broke up with Jess, 25, before teasing that he still managed to find love after his appearance on the show.

Henrietta, 31, then came walking down the staircase, leaving the show’s other farmers and their partners visibly surprised.

‘Things ended with Jess and I, and there were all of these questions still floating around,’ explained Alex.

‘I contacted Henrietta and we started talking again, and it just felt right. I still feel connected to her. 

‘Chemistry is a hard thing to find, and that spark. You don’t find it with very many people.’

Henrietta said they never planned on getting together again romantically, agreeing to meet up ‘as friends’.

But she admitted it wasn’t long before sparks started to fly again, and Alex said a romance between them ‘felt natural’.

‘We are quite different people on some level, but soulmates,’ said Henrietta, before giving Alex a passionate kiss.

Added Alex: ‘I feel happy and I feel confident again, and I haven’t felt like that for a long time… I feel alive again.’ 

After quitting the show and sending the remaining girls home, farmer Sam Reitano revealed he’d found love away from the glare of the TV cameras.

‘Her name’s Kirsten. She liked one of my videos that was posted for the show, and we got in contact with each other,’ the 28-year-old explained.

‘We started talking, and eventually we met up. We’ve been on a couple of dates. She’s even met my parents.’ 

He added: ‘She’s probably been the best thing that’s actually entered my life… She’s amazing! She’s absolutely amazing.’ 

Meanwhile, farmer Nick Onassis admitted his relationship with Liz Jelley didn’t work out the way he’d hoped.

‘After Nick chose me… he just started withdrawing. Within a week, there was barely any chatting,’ confessed Liz, 34.

Added Nick, 44: ‘I’m upset that Liz feels bad, but I just don’t think that she’s the girl for me. Forever.’

Nick said he thought they were too similar, but a tearful Liz claimed what they had was ‘real’, and she was disappointed that ‘he didn’t even want to try’.

Confessing he was still single, Nick said he ‘knew in my heart it wasn’t right’ with Liz, and claimed he ‘owed it to her to snap it off clean early’.

‘She deserves someone, and that someone wasn’t me,’ he added.

Farmer Harry Robertson confessed his relationship with Stacey Cain also failed to work out, even though he said they had ‘such a strong connection’.

But he said it wasn’t long before they started arguing, and he claimed Stacey, 28, put too much pressure on their relationship early on.

‘It scared me a little bit. I just went, “Ooh. I just need to pull up and slow down a little bit,”‘ the 29-year-old explained.

Added Stacey: ‘Harry likes to shut down and move forward, and I can’t do that.’

Admitting he ‘can’t change the way I feel’, Harry said he decided to end things with Stacey, and she confessed she was blindsided by his decision. 

‘Unfortunately we’re obviously just not a match,’ said Stacey. 

She added: ‘We’re just very, very different people and we have different needs, and we just can’t meet those needs, and if the other person isn’t willing to put in as much as you are, obviously it’s not going to go anywhere.’

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