Alex Beresford erupted like a volcano at Piers Morgan’s joke, ‘Oh my God.’


Alex Beresford erupted like a volcano at Piers Morgan’s joke, ‘Oh my God.’

On a throwback episode of Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan criticized Alex Beresford for moaning about his lack of weather forecasts, and the weatherman “simmered like a volcano.”

Alex is a contender on ITV’s Celebrity Catch, which airs tonight at 7.30pm.

Guests attempt to identify the proper catch from animated clues in the show, which is hosted by Stephen Mulhern. Each competitor will attempt to’say what they see,’ with Alex appearing alongside Sarah-Jane Crawford and Joe Absolom.

The winner might receive a £50,000 jackpot for the charity of their choice.

Alex, who is best known for being the weatherman on Good Morning Britain, made headlines earlier this year when he had a live on-air spat with Piers Morgan on the day the presenter left the ITV show.

Alex and Piers had a public spat when the GMB host stated that he didn’t believe Meghan Markle’s claims about her mental health in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Piers became enraged as the weatherman challenged him, and he stormed off the show.

“This is pathetic,” Alex said as Piers walked out the door. “Absolutely heinous behavior.” Piers chastised a “simmering” Alex for complaining about a lack of weather reports, sparking tensions on the broadcast before the pair’s historic clash.

Piers scoffed at Alex in December 2019 when he complained about the absence of weather briefings on the two-and-a-half-hour-long show.

Susanna Reid and Piers claimed Alex was on to do the weather, but when the camera went to the weatherman, he admitted this was not the case and passed the show over to Andi Peters, who was hosting the current GMB competition.

When the show returned to the studio, Piers revealed that something was wrong.

Piers made fun of his co-star for erupting “like a volcano” because he couldn’t predict the weather.

“Sorry, it’s just so funny,” he explained. “Alex Beresford,” says the narrator. “He’s wondering why he came in this week, actually,” Susanna interjected. Alex was especially irritated when a separate weather reporter had provided viewers the latest information that day, despite the fact that he had only one report the day before.

“What, I only got one weather forecast yesterday, I just got dropped, and now I’m back in,” Alex explained.

“Like a yo-yo, I’m up and down.”

“Literally, he’s just been simmering like. “Brinkwire Summary News,” Piers continued.


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