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Aldi Australians are paying strangers to wait in line to get Special Buys products

Australians are now paying strangers to wait in line at Aldi to purchase the best-selling Special Buys items on their behalf without having to leave the house.

Every Wednesday and Saturday mornings, the retailer offers one-off seasonal items that attracts a huge crowd of shoppers outside the stores across the country.

But customers are finding ways to skip the queue by listing job advertisements on Airtasker in an effort to find someone else to fight the crowds for them.

One shopper, from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, posted an ad saying she was willing to offer someone $30 to ‘line up at Aldi early morning to purchase a product’ on Wednesday, August 26.

Another woman, from Western Australia, paid a shopper $20 after she successfully completed the task of securing an $80 Special Buy item for her.

The ad read: ‘Line up at Aldi tomorrow morning from 8am to try to secure a Special Buys item. I will need photo proof you are there and good communication throughout the transaction. 

‘I need the $80 item bought with your cash as a separate part of this task. When the item is then delivered to an address, the cash will be reimbursed to you on presentation of the receipt. 

‘It’s probably a task best suited to someone already going to the shops and lining up for themselves anyway rather than making a special effort.’

One customer, from Adelaide, paid someone $55 to pick up a standing desk from Aldi during one of its Special Buys sale.

‘I need someone to pick up a standing desk from Aldi this Saturday morning. It is a Special Buys item and I need someone to be at the store as soon as it opens to ensure there is one left to purchase,’ she said in June. 

One Aldi fan, who stumbled across the ad on Airtasker, shared the post in a Facebook group, saying: ‘That’s one way to do it, who would have thought.’

Many quickly responded to her post, praising the person for coming up with a ‘genius’ way of getting their hands on Special Buys items without leaving the house.

‘I’m sad I didn’t think of that,’ one woman said, while another added: ‘I’d do it for $20, I love next door to an Aldi.’

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