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Alcohol delivery company shares how social distancing has changed the way we drink 

A drinks retailer has noted some ‘interesting changes’ in the last two weeks with how Australians are consuming their alcohol, with Corona sales jumping 34 per cent, all states indulging in Sauvignon Blanc and customers ordering earlier in the day. 

Jimmy Brings delivers alcohol to each capital city around Oz with a claim they will get it to you cold and in 30 minutes or less.

That promise hasn’t changed as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, however they’ve seen a huge spike in sales because of the number of customers wanting their services while in isolation. 

In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and the Gold Coast customers have been ordering ​32 per cent​ more​ ​beer the past two weeks compared to the two weeks before. 

In comparison Perth, Adelaide and the Sunshine Coast are ordering ​23 per cent​ more spirits in that same time period.

Of all the wine varietals across the cities a semillon sauvignon blanc is a standout favourite, but people have also coincidentally been enjoying a Corona after finishing work, with a 34 per cent increase in the past fortnight.  

We’ve seen larger orders being placed, with our highest transaction this week being $3,626​ compared to our average of around $60,’ a spokesperson told FEMAIL.

Customers are ordering earlier with the ‘peak’ delivery time now sitting at 5pm, rather than 9pm, pointing to how many people are enjoying digital knock off drinks together.

In the company’s ‘extras’ category individuals have been buying more condoms than ever before, noting a 29 per cent increase, and more Panadol and Nurofen (at a 34 per cent increase). 

‘In the last 30 days we’ve had an ​800 per cent increase in job applications ​compared to the previous 30 days and on March 23 we had ​320 job applications ​alone,’ the spokesperson continued.

To protect their network of delivery drivers, Jimmy Brings have implemented ‘​low contact delivery’ which means that drivers will sight ID without having to touch them. 

All deliveries will also be placed on the ground for customers to pick up themselves to minimise contact.

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