Alastair Campbell has been chastised for claiming that Britain is becoming a “rogue state” as a result of Brexit.


Alastair Campbell has been chastised for claiming that Britain is becoming a “rogue state” as a result of Brexit.

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL has stirred outrage by saying that Boris Johnson’s continued travel restrictions on France demonstrate the country’s transformation into a “rogue state.”

Due to the spread of the Beta type, fully jabbed passengers returning to England and Wales from France will still be required to quarantine beginning Monday, according to the former New Labour spin doctor. This is despite the fact that, as of the same date, double-jabbed travelers traveling from countries on the Amber List do not need to self-isolate for 10 days.

Due to “chronic” cases of the Beta type, which was initially found in South Africa, the authorities declared the softening would not apply to France.

Existing vaccinations are thought to be ineffective against the variation.

It accounts for roughly 10% of new infections in France, but the Indian Ocean territory of Reunion and Mayotte account for the majority of those cases.

Mr Campbell tweeted in response to the news, “The new regulations for France are mind-blowing.”

“The new variety is causing problems in the French department of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean.

“It’s like the French forbidding us from visiting due to a Covid increase in the Falkland Islands. We are ruled by charlatans and conmen.

“It’s a choice made solely to divert attention away from their own inadequacies here” (let alone the fact their own Health Secretary falls ill just as he is making sure plenty of others do too).

“The rest of the world is starting to look at the United Kingdom as a rogue state.”

His remarks sparked uproar on social media almost immediately.

“BEGINNING!” one commented, referring to the 2003 Iraq War. Years ago, you and Tony (Blair) tarnished that reputation.”

“And were all over Boris when he didn’t ban flights from India quickly enough (when cases exploded there),” another added. He’s not going to be able to win.”

Almost all new cases in the UK are caused by the highly virulent Delta form, which was first discovered in India.

“We have always been clear that we will not hesitate to take fast action at our borders to limit the spread of Covid-19 and protect the gains made by our successful vaccination programme,” Health Secretary Sajid Javid said last week while announcing the announcement.

“With the easing of restrictions across the country on Monday, we will do everything we can to guarantee that overseas travel is performed safely and that our borders are protected from the threat of variants.”

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