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Alan Dershowitz wants to grill Les Wexner over his links to Jeffrey Epstein 

Alan Dershowitz is refusing to back down in his fight to grill billionaire fashion mogul Les Wexner over his links to Jeffrey Epstein, can reveal.

Wexner has agreed to supply written evidence but wants to skip an in-person deposition in the bitter ongoing defamation battle between Dershowitz and Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre.

But lawyers for Dershowitz dismissed the offer on Monday, telling a New York Federal Court that it was ‘inconceivable’ that Victoria’s Secret founder Wexner should escape the full discovery sit-down.

Giuffre has accused a string of prominent men, including Dershowitz, of having sex with her while she was being trafficked as an underage girl by his rich former client, Epstein.

When the Harvard Law professor responded by accusing Giuffre of making the story up to extort ‘millions of dollars’ from himself and other former Epstein associates, namely Wexner, she sued him for defamation.

Dershowitz wants the Ohio tycoon and his lawyer John Zeiger to answer questions about their communications with Giuffre and to reveal if there was ever any secret deal in his bid to prove the plot was real, despite both men indicating it wasn’t.

‘There can be no serious question that Wexner is a central figure in this litigation. His name is referenced nine times in plaintiff’s submitted complaint,’ his attorney, Christian Kiely, told the court.

The court heard that Zeiger had agreed to sit down for a deposition subject to a protection order that will likely designate much of confidential and under seal.

But ‘there is close to zero percent chance Mr. Wexner is going to volunteer to be deposed,’ Kiely told the court.

‘Professor Dershowitz’s ultimate defense is the truth,’ he added.

‘He’s entitled to prove the truth of that extortion claim, including by deposing Mr. Wexner, so that the jury can hear from Mr. Wexner in a form that’s admissible and that we can use at trial.’

US District Judge Loretta Preska said she would await until she had reviewed Zeiger’s deposition as well as other documents that he and Wexner agreed to provide before she decides whether to compel the latter to submit to a full deposition.

In a letter submitted to her ahead of Monday’s hearing, Wexner’s attorney in the current proceedings, Marion Little, insisted once more that his client had no information that supported Dershowitz’s claims of an extortion plot.

Little admitted that Zeiger had ‘engaged in a series of conversations’ with David Boies, Giuffre’s attorney, after she went public with her allegations in 2015.

But he added: ‘Attorney Zeiger communicated what has been public stated: That Mr. Wexner was unaware of, and was never a participant in, any of the abhorrent behavior engaged in by Epstein against Epstein’s victims, that Mr., Wexner had never met Ms. Giuffre, and that any claims to the contrary were not true.

‘These discussions culminated in a meeting in Mr. Boies’ office on July 8, 2015 wherein Zeiger explained in detail the mass of evidence definitely proving that no meeting with Ms. Giuffre could have occurred.

‘Following the meeting, Mr. Boies dropped the issue.’

Little said in his letter that Dershowitz had tried to contact Wexner repeatedly to discuss his ‘extortion theory’, even speaking to his wife, who promptly referred the inquiry back to Zeiger.

‘At no time has Ms. Giuffre or her legal counsel made an extortion demand or otherwise solicited money or any other consideration from Mr. Wexner,’ he added.

‘To be clear, no settlement or agreement of any kind has been entered into with Ms. Giuffre or her legal counsel.

‘Defendant [Dershowitz] had no role in the foregoing – but it was not for lack of trying.’

Wexner hired Epstein as his personal money manager in the 1990s, admitting last year that he was ‘embarrassed’ by his long-standing ties to the dead pedophile.

The 82-year-old tycoon has never been implicated in his former employee’s sex trafficking operation, although Epstein was known to have exploited his ties to Victoria’s Secret to target underage girls with promises of modeling careers.

‘Being taken advantage of by someone who was so sick, so cunning, so depraved, is something that I’m embarrassed I was even close to. But that is in the past,’ Wexner told investors after Epstein hanged himself last August while awaiting trial. 

Wexner did not comment publicly when Dershowitz first aired his extortion defense in 2015 but a source close to him told the New York Times that no such attempt was ever made by Giuffre and the pair had never met. 

Brad Edwards, a longtime lawyer for Epstein’s victims, said in July last year that he had no reason to suspect that Wexner was involved or aware of Epstein’s sick crimes. 

‘We have not seen where he is in the company of Jeffrey Epstein at the time when he was engaging in these things,’ Edwards told reporters. 

‘In fact, it’s very seldom that many of the victims actually even met him or saw him. I do know that there’s a lot of business ties to him, but other than receiving information about their business connection, I don’t have any information to believe otherwise.’

Dershowitz helped Epstein agree to a cushy non-prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors in 2008 which allowed him to plead guilty to minor charges and spend only 13 months in jail, most of it on work release. 

In 2014 Giuffre named him as one of several prominent men she was forced to have sex with, including Britain’s Prince Andrew, who also denies the allegations. 

She sued Dershowitz in 2019 claiming he had made ‘false and malicious defamatory statements against her’ in the process of making vociferous denials. 

The veteran attorney responded by vowing to prove she was a liar in open court and predicted Giuffre would end up behind bars herself for perjury.

Dershowitz was back in the Epstein crosshairs last month after his name appeared in a tranche of newly unsealed documents revisiting accusations that he had sex with ‘Jane Doe 3’, who is identified elsewhere as Giuffre. 

He told the allegations that dated back to 2014 were ‘old news’ and that he has denied them numerous times. 

Dershowitz has admitted having a massage at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion, where the dead predator attacked many of his underage victims, but says it was entirely innocent. 

‘We were guests and everybody got massages,’ said Dershowitz, who was also on President Trump’s defense team in his Senate impeachment trial. 

‘When you went into Epstein’s house, the first thing they offered you was to have a massage therapist come to your room and give you a massage. 

‘I did it once. And my massage therapist was a middle aged woman from Eastern Europe. I had never had a quote erotic massage in my life, period.’

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